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Diesel & Gas: Part 1

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DIESEL AND GAS ENGINES ENGINES Sensors for cam and crank shaft position General Characteristics The sensors are all sealed in robust stainless steel housings with blind front ends and are available in various sizes (diameter and length). They are fitted either with a cable or an integrated connector. All JAQUET speed sensors for diesel and gas engines are fully GL certified meaning that they passed environmental tests required to prove their suitability for use on large engines. Introduction For modern injection and ignition systems used in diesel and gas engines it is crucial to know the exact crankshaft position at all times. In order to gain this information, two sensors are mounted on the engine. The first sensor monitors the camshaft position delivering one pulse per revolution which corresponds to the top-deadcentre (TDC) position of one of the pistons. The second sensor is placed in the vicinity of the flywheel where a toothed wheel is mounted as a target. Depending on the requirements of the control system, the number of teeth on the cog wheel is defined to allow a resolution of approximately one pulse per degree of crankshaft revolution. For this task, JAQUET AG – a sensor specialist manufacturing more than one million sensors per year for engines and turbochargers – offers a set of reliable and robust speed sensors which are particularly suited for the use in large diesel and gas engines. JAQUET AG provides three different sensor concepts: • Variable reluctance sensor Variable reluctance (VR) speed sensors consist of an iron core, an inductive coil, and a permanent magnet. A metal pole wheel passing the sensor face changes the magnetic field strength, resulting in an AC voltage being induced in the coil. The frequency of the output signal is proportional to the speed of the moving target. VR sensors, also known as passive or electromagnetic sensors, do not require an external supply. • Hall effect sensors Hall effect speed sensors measure the distortion of magnetic field created by a ferrous pole wheel. They provide a digital output signal proportional to the rotary speed and can have a static behaviour meaning that pulse generation is guaranteed down to a speed corresponding to a frequency of 0 Hz. • Eddy current sensors Eddy current sensors use a high-frequency oscillator as the sensing element. A metallic pole wheel influences the oscillator behaviour. This modulation is converted to a square wave output signal proportional to the rotary speed by an amplifier with trigger characteristics. The different sensor concepts can be combined with a choice of signal output configurations: • Single output The single speed signal output is the standard configuration. Depending on the sensor concept (see above) the output signal is either analogue or digital. Redundant output The sensor provides two galvanically isolated output signals which can be used for two independent applications, e.g. one signal for the governor and the second for the over-speed protection system. Speed signal plus inverted output In addition to the standard single output the sensors also provides an inverted signal which can be used in diagnostic applications.

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DIESEL AND GAS ENGINES ENGINES Crankshaft Speed Sensors The crankshaft sensor monitors the rotational speed of the engine. JAQUET crankshaft sensors are available with the following properties: • Housings with thread diameter 14 mm, 5/8”, 18 mm, and 22 mm. Various housing lengths for ideal integration into the application. Housing with integral connector (type Hirschmann or Cannon) or cable with customer-specific connector at cable end. Sensor principle: VR or Hall Effect. Available sensor output signal for VR sensors: o o Single bipolar analogue signal. Redundant bipolar analogue signal....

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