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APOLLO, the advanced, cost-effective speed sensor for fast passenger car turbochargers APOLLO the advanced, cost-effective speed sensor for fast passenger car turbochargers Downsizing of engines and minimizing the fuel consumption is the challenge of today’s engine development. Whilst turbochargers are used in nearly 100% of all new developments of diesel engines, the turbocharger for petrol driven cars is still considered a premium feature. However the trend shows that the next generation of petrol engines will also profit from the extra boost of turbocharging. The benefits of an accurate, fast and reliable speed measurement for turbochargers are well known in diesel engine markets – and now acknowledged by petrol engine markets as well. APOLLO – specifically designed for passenger car market – with advanced capability with less cost Many engine designers have opted for the benefits of turbocharger speed measurement in both diesel and petrol driven units. The only challenges for the passenger car market, so far, have been the size of a speed sensor and its cost. Drawn from experience of being the key supplier for most of the turbocharger manufacturers and having over 6 million turbocharger sensors in traffic, JAQUET’s new APOLLO turbocharger sensor is specifically designed for the personal car market. It eliminates both of the obstacles – the sensor is extremely small, easily adaptable and economically priced. Speed measurement – more efficiency and protection The key advantage of speed measurement is the regulation of the airflow in the engine which can be handled much faster and with more accuracy – enabling a better use of the given compressor map of a turbocharger. It is also the key element for an effective protection of the turbocharger against any catastrophic failures caused by overspeed conditions. Adjustments needed by the air density changes of different altitudes also benefit from speed measurement – as well as adaptive support of the quick changing driving conditions in today’s traffic. APOLLO means more capability with less cost The advanced features are based on a high temperature ASIC, developed by JAQUET for increasing underhood temperatures. The ASIC is built directly into the sensor body and provides performances and features unseen in this category of sensor elements; diagnostic functions, configuration capabilities, on board frequency division and a possibility to detect both aluminium and titanium blades. All of this is combined with a mechanical design which allows an easy assembly in the turbocharger. Depending on the specific application requirements and preference of a customer, an integral high temperature connector or a short cable with a standard connector can be selected. Speed as a source for diagnostic information The prospect of utilizing speed measurement to gain diagnostic information is an exciting thought. The idea is based on gathering information on the turbocharger acceleration pattern caused by the engine exhaust boosts. Acceleration of the turbo takes place every time when a cylinder has fired and exhaust gases are pushed out. Between boosts a fast passenger car turbocharger easily spins 20 to 40 revolutions. This is enough time for a speed sensor to detect any missing or reduced acceleration impulse of the engine – therefore providing direct information on the engine performance itself. Would you like to test APOLLO? Sample sensors, with the final ASIC version, are now available at JAQUET to support ECU development and testing. Get your sample units at only 85¤ per unit piece. To order, please fill in the APOLLO order form on the back. For more information, samples and customization possibilities please do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to help you drive for maximum efficiency. JAQUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP • Thannerstrasse 15 • CH-4009 Basel • Switzerland Tel +41 61 306 8822 • Fax +41 61 306 8818 • info@jaquet.com • www.jaquet.com

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TECHNOLOGY GROUP APOLLO Sample ordering form Please fill in the form, and either send it back to us or alternatively fax us your order: +41 61 306 88 18 Part number SensorTechnology Connection 3812610896 DSH 0601.00 PHV Apollo AMP Connector Fixed-amplitudesquarewavesignalwith a Blade counting Series 1.5, 3 pins duration of 110 us and frequency prop, to speed Email address Name of contact person Country, Zip-Code, City Technical details: Signal output pulse width JAQUET TECHNOLOGY GROUP • Thannerstrasse 15 • CH-4009 Basel • Switzerland

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