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JS/JSTH Series SCARA Robot - 8 Pages

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JS/JSTH Series SCARA Robot
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High Reliability Acquired by Years and Years of Experience The JS series servo SCARA robot is a multipurpose robot for various applications, developed with sophisticated technology gained through years of experience and accumulated knowledge. Janome proudly introduces the JS series to all those wanting compact, low-cost production lines, automatic and laborsaving production sites, but still needing to maintain high productivity and quality. under a 4 kg portable weight (W) select heavier Wide Square Area 210mm x 210mm square areas b x b (Righty) and b' x b'(Lefty) are guaranteed for Model JS350. Double...

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Work Position Inpu Before entering a work position, select JOG or MDI mode simply by pressing the button on the teaching pendant. Clearly-displayed coordinate values allow you to correct positions easily. Work Position Setting Screen Application Software Examples •Screw Tightening Software Register screw tightening conditions, such as Thread Pitch, Screw Length, and Rotate Speed, then enter the "screw tightening" position and the screw tightening condition number for the point. The screw tightening program is tightening condition numbers to each point in order to create different screw tightening...

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External Dimensions e contact us for the external dimensions. Double shaft/JS series

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Operation Range External Dimensions Safety Circuit

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■JSTH Series Specifications JS650TH/JS750TH/JS880TH/JS1000TH *1: Measured on a machine with regenerative resistors. Maximum speed cannot be achieved under the maximum portable weight setting. *2: Repeatability was measured at a constant temperature, so absolute precision is not guaranteed. *3: Measured on a machine with regenerative resistors. Continuous operation cannot be achieved at the maximum cycle time. *4: The point data capacity will be reduced if the additional function data setting/point job data/sequencer data increases, due to the shared data storage area. *5: NPN/PNP can be chosen...

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JSTH series Olean Room Type Models ■ Clean Class 10 (0.3^m) "'Specifications ©The special airtight structure and the vacuuming system minimize dust inside the robot. ©Special external conductive coating prevents static electricity. © Low dust grease is used for the Z-axis spline and ball screw; also, the Z axis is covered by a special antistatic accordion hose. ©The robot's body(without the control box)can be used in both the clean room and regular environments. ■ What's Clean Class 10? Clean Class 10 is defined by Federal Standard 209D as a particulate count that shall not exceed a total of 10...

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