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JR-V2000 Series Desktop Robot - 6 Pages

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JR-V2000 Series Desktop Robot

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JR-V2000 Series Desktop Robot [JR-V2203/JR-V2303/JR-V2403]

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Structural Rigidity & High Precision 3 Axis Desktop Robot Ideal for Cell Production Three sizes available with operating ranges of 200x200, 300x320 & 400x400mm and three specification types, dispensing/screw tightening/standard to help automate your manufacturing processes. Multilingual Display Teaching pendant LED screen can display in Japanese, English, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese and more. Switch among 10 different languages to meet your local needs! Display distances in either mm or inches. Easy Program Teaching Our original software “JR C-Points” makes it easy to...

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JR-V2000 Series Desktop Robot W Applications Dispensing Specifications Enhanced Trajectory Performance Excellent tracking accuracy through CP (continuous path) control; dispense cleanly In circles and arcs, even three-dimensional dispensing Is easyl Fill-in Function Just by setting 2 points for a rectangle and 3 points for a circle, you can “fill-in dispense” in a circular spiral or a rectangular zigzag. Includes Built-in “Purge Switch” On the front panel of the robot is a “purge switch” which operates the dispenser as long as it is pushed. There is also a function to make the dispenser...

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| How to make application software using the Customizing Function Register what you want to do at “point dispense” points in the point type definitions. Freely create application software to match your needs. For example, when creating dispensing specification software, you define one of your point types as “point dispense”. To allow yourself to set “dispensing time” for each point, register variable definitions in the point type definitions. Follow the instructions on the screen and set the items you need, such as “variable type”, “variable caption”, “input unit”, etc. Point Type...

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External Dimensions JR-V2403 Series The external dimensions depicted above are of the Dispensing Specifications Type. For external dimension diagrams of the Screw Tightening and Standard Specifications Types, please download them from our website:

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[Standard Specs] • 1/0-1 Connector (cordless) • 1/0-1 Cable (2m, 3m or 5m) • This product Is not CE compliant. If you require a CE compliant product, plaase consider ttia JR2000N. • Specifications may change without notice to improve product quality.

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