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UV/VIS / NIR process spectrometers - 2 Pages

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UV/VIS / NIR  process spectrometers
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PAT Spectroscopy Systems Introduction Process Analytical Techniques (PAT) have recently achieved great importance in pharmaceutical industries. Most important aims of PAT are to increase productivity, to improve safety as well as to learn about processes. J&M Analytik AG provides individual PAT solutions based on optical spectroscopy in the UV-, Vis- and NIR-range (190 – 2500 nm). Take advantage today of our 20 years experience in process analytical techniques. Application possibilities The applications for optical spectroscopy in process analysis are manifold. Instruments from J&M are used for solids or liquids, in solid dosage processes like wet granulation, blending or uid bed drying. Cleaning validation or reaction monitoring are other examples, where J&M spectroscopy systems can be found. Science & Expert services at J&M supports you in design of experiments, case studies, chemometrics and much more. Design J&M spectrometer systems are designed to t today demands in PAT. By the use of diode array spectrometers high measurement speeds (up to 3 ms per spectrum) are easily achieved without loss in resolution or limitation of the wavelength range. J&M also provides solutions using FT-NIR or Raman instrumentation. Optical bers ensure the exibility of the system.The instruments can be operated by AC or DC (mains adapter, slide ring supply or battery). All systems comply with the specications of both USP and Eur. Ph. Fig. 1: Detachable NIR Spectrometer mounted on a mobile rack J & M A n a l y t i k A G | W i l l y - M e s s e r s c h m i t t - S t r. 8 | D - 7 3 4 5 7 E s s i n g e n / A a l e n | Te l . : + 4 9 ( 0 ) 7 3 6 1 / 9 2 8 1 - 0 | F a x : 9 2 8 1 - 1 2 | i n f o @ j - m . d e | w w w . j - m . d e

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PAT Spectroscopy Systems Sample cells and probes J&M provides different kinds of sample cells and probes like the IRIS-7 reection measurement head, the RVP ow cell or the Lighthouse Probe TM Technology (LHP). This immersion probe prevents from window fouling as it can be automatically cleaned and recalibrated during the process without the need of stopping the process. This innovative probe was developed in a cooperation between GEA Pharma Systems and J&M. Fig. 2: Measurement head with light source for reection spectroscopy Fig. 3: Flow cells with different diameters for absorption spectroscopy...

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