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Datasheet ASPEN spectrometer readout electronics - 2 Pages

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ASPEN, the Advanced Sensor and Processor Electronic with Network interface, is the new sensor electronics family for UV/VIS/NIR spectroscopy from J&M. Designed with an experience of more than 25 years in sensor electronics, ASPEN provides a powerful processing based on XILINX Virtex4 technology and operates with different sensor boards for NMOS, CMOS, CCD and InGaAs diode arrays. On board power I/O ports, a stackable onboard TEC cooler for cooled arrays, as well as different add-on boards (e.g. 4-20mA) allow to interface customer specific hardware. ASPEN combines best S/N ratio at high speed data acquisition rates with a well documented API for easy integration into your application. Fail-safe data transmission for LAN / Wi-Fi connections with automatic reconnect Buffered streaming mode for high speed data acquisition up to 2000 spectra/s Embedded PowerPC for high speed data processing and data storage Improved S/N ratio due to CDS and oversampling Well documented software API for C/C++, .NET and LabView Specifications: Architecture XILINX Fx4 with embedded PowerPC 128 kB, user accessible for configuration data 2.0 (optional) ASPEN SHx sensor boards with 16 Bit ADC@ 2MHz for NMOS, CMOS, CCD and InGaAs arrays Stackable TEC board for arrays with cooling option Data rate Expansion Ports Drivers Power supply Temperature range Dimensions 2 x UART (EIA232), I2C, SPI C/C++, .NET, LabView Single supply 5VDC @ 7.5W 0 — 50°C 160 x 100 x 50 mm (L x W x H) Light up your vision High performance OEM electronics for diode arrays

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ASPEN ASPEN-CMULx25 Universal OEM spectrometer electronics Different types of sensor boards can be easily connected to PC using the USB 2.0 interface. The software emulated processor and 16MB spectra data buffer allows standalone operation including data processing and storage. Data rate up to 100Hz in streaming mode On-board data buffer up to 2000 spectra Synchronisation with external systems through various trigger options Expansion port to interface customized hardware In-system diagnostics and programming (e.g. firmware update) Well documented software API for C/C++, .NET and LabView Specifications:...

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