Long-Stroke Screener type JEL V-Screen - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Screening Technology | Screening Machine JEL V-Screen

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About Us Future-Oriented Solutions for Process Technology due to Efficiency and Innovative Power Good Support Round the Clock J. Engelsmann AG disposes of 135 years of experience in developing and realizing solutions for process technology. Our engineers design and construct both process machines and complete plants according to the requirements specified by the customers. J. Engelsmann AG helps you to avoid or to minimize downtimes. And if it happens, we will be at hand with our quick central parts service or with our service team. Of course we do not confine ourselves to an „emergency management“....

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Short Description protective, control or classifying sieve continuous screening process screening surfaces without return pan, arranged on top of each other screening surface 1 - 12 m2 classification range 0.02 mm - 20 mm screening capacity up tol30 t/h Advantages minimal space requirement flexible lower deck - rapid and easy to convert high screening efficiency of up to 98% screening process for gentle product handling low energy consumption excellent balancing of masses sieve inserts can be retrofitted with different cleaning systems standardized systems of sieve inserts exact and gentle classification high...

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Description Screening Machine JEL V-Screen Operation The flow of product to be sieved is first divided by means of an infinitely variable product deflector plate in the inlet section. This allows for optimum allocation of product to the screening surfaces, depending on tasks or product properties. In this first step the undersize fraction of the product is first screened out. Generally, this process takes up the most screening surface. Consequently, the required surface is split to two decks arranged on top of each other. After screening out the undersize fraction, the coarse material is separated...

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*SL= length of the continuous screening surface all dimensions in mm

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Attributes Screening Machine JEL V-Screen Minimal Space Requirement Flexible Lower Deck - Rapid and Easy Conversion The screening machine JEL V-Screen occupies less floor space than conventional plansifters thanks to the screening inserts that are arranged on top of each other. It is easily possible to change the number of fractions with-out any considerable effort. This merely requires the inserts in the lower deck to be changed to requirement and the screwed outlets to be adjusted accordingly (available as conversion kit). High Screening Efficiency Various Cleaning Systems can be used With equal...

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Manufacturing Programme Screening Technology Classifying Screener Regula-Standard Regula Free Swinging Screening Machine Classifying screener Regula-Standard with adjusting device for the individual sieve decks for max. 8 fractions in one single operation. Regula free swinging screening machine for classifying all grain sizes from 40 micron up to 20 mm with up to 8 fractions in one single operation. Centrifugal Screening Machine VIRO Control Screening Machine TWS Centrifugal screening machine VIRO as a control or protective screener for bulk goods with poor flowing properties and difficult to...

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Screening Technology | Screening Machine JEL V-Screen P O. Box 210469 . 67004 Ludwigshafen / Germany Phone: + 49 (0)621 59002-0 Fax: + 49 (0)621 59002-76 info@engelsmann.de www.engelsmann.com

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