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Catalogue excerpts

Disclosure, copying and distribution prohibited 4000x2200x3400mm 800x1200h mm B-D production superheated water / diathermic-oil emulsion based solution 304 / polypropylene 304 / steel+stainless steel AISI 304 LT / LTA WASHING MACHINES CR MINI / TRANSFER / LC PROS: » variable loading/unloadin station » maximum pieces coverage » customized models » conformed to the CE norms produced to effectuate phosphate treatments. alternative for belt conveyor type when items to delicateness, for presenting them on frames ready to following operations hanging on opportune

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copying and distribution prohibited STANDARD OPTIONAL Cycle Conveyor caterpillar conveyor overhead conveyor holders W-B W-B-D W-R-B-D W-B W-B-D W-R-B-D W-B W-B-D W-R-B-D CYCLE washing rinsing rinsing/protection recirculated blowing air recirculated drying air Tank tank system decharging water recovery system stainless steel AISI 304 construction electrical heating elements electric thermoregulation indicator multi-positions floater for solution level control solution automatic reset warm solutions washing slides water collection tray heat exchanger disoiler - oil separator detergent/rust inhibitor...

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