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► In order to make it more comfort for you to read technical drawings in german language, you find the translation of the terms in English and French language on the back of this fold-out page.
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► Afin de vous faciliter la lecture des descriptions techniques en allemand, vous trouverez la traduction des termes en anglaiset en franais l'arri砨re de ce dpliant.
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neunatikdurchf hrung 1/8* - 8 tief (8x) nspieqelunq 017 - 1 tief
N/ISD-9409-1-A (TK-50) M8 - 21 tief (6x) nit 06H7 und
nit Mittenzentrierung 031,5H7 Senkung DIN 74 - Kn6 (6x)
Z-Axis Compliance Device
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    Translation PBVPHERSNim ROBOTER Traduction Technical Drawings / Descriptions techniques Ablagestift/e einschraubbar Deposition pin/s...
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    Z-Axis Compliance Device Compliance en z ► Compensation for different vertical positions ► Collision recognition in Z-direction...
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    ► Compensation de diffrente position en hauteur ► Dtection de collision en Z ► Protection des pi驨ces ► Contrle...
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    Z-Axis Compliance Device Compliance en z ZN SERIES SRIE ZN Opereting Principle Principe de fonctionnement The position compensation...
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    JR, Z-Axis Compliance Device Compliance en z ZN SERIES SȉRIE ZN GENERAL DATA/CARACTERISTIQUES GENERALES Operating Pressure min.: 3,5...
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