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Create transparency, reduce costs! bit.B - the Process and Energy Monitoring System

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bit.B – the Process and Energy Monitoring System Transparent bit.B is a cost-effective, radio-based sensor and analysis system, that gives you entirely new insights into your operational process and energy consumption. This easy-to-install system enables a comprehensive deployment in your company and offers a device level transparency, which is presently only available by using cost intensive systems. Our innovative software solution provides exactly the evaluations and analysis you need, to achieve changes that will save time and money. Therefore, a decisive competitive advantage can be...

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bit.B - the Process and Energy Monitoring System bit.B is an uncomplicated and cost-effective system that offers many advantages: Identify peak loads Devices can be better controlled and payments to the grid operator can be reduced, by analyzing known or emerging power peaks and corresponding load causes. Reduce base loads Reduce operating costs and monthly fixed costs for the energy purchase by identifying and eliminating unnecessary loads. Install during operation bit.B installation causes no interruption to running devices, operations continues undisturbed. Minimize standby...

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bit.B – the Process and Energy Monitoring System Innovative Your new monitoring system is quickly installed by using retrofit sensors that are freely available on the market (such as CTs, temperature sensors, light barriers, door sensors, etc.) and the bit.B Hardware. Choose sensors and install them on site. cable connection bit.B Sensor node for recording and processing sensor signals into a format, which is readable for the bit.B system bit.B Bus node to integrate data from already existing intelligent devices bit.B Gateway for transmitting the measured data to the bit.B server bit.B...

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bit.B - the Process and Energy Monitoring System Effective • Cost-effective procurement with a payback period less than one year • Brings energy saving potential into sight Easy • Retrofittable technology, which can be installed during ongoing operations • Flexible modular system, that can be extended easily by new use cases Practical • Simple, online-user-friendly software, which shows elaborate statistics clearly with export options • Notification on request, if specified thresholds are exceeded • Enables monitoring of machines / operations in real-time Fast • To the minute Real-time data...

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bit.B – the Process and Energy Monitoring System Personal advice "We are happy to answer your questions personally and directly." Our satisfaction guarantee Not happy after 3 months? Then you get your money for the bit.B hardware and the software usage fees back* – without if’s and but’s. Talk to us, we will advise you!

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Opernplatz 1 45219 Essen Hotline: +49 201 2199 9930 Mo-Thu 10.00 am – 4.00 pm Fr 10:00 – 12.00 a

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