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E ARLY S TREAMER E MISSION L IGHTNING C ONDUCTORS Prevectron Prevectron > ή 2 2 Millenium Millenium > NF C 17-102 compliant size="-2">

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INDELECs reputation in the field of lightning protectiondates back almost fifty years. Since 1986, the company has invested heavily in the manufacture of its PREVECTRON > Ү Early StreamerEmission Lightning Conductor. This has involved both fundamental research into the physical phenomena associated with lightning, as well as extensive product development. The latest PREVECTRON > 2 series provides optimalprotection against the direct effects of lightning. > The PREVECTRON Ε The ionization device is charged > 2is operating in three stages: via the lower electrodes using theambient electrical field...

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French Standard NFC 17-102 requires that every ESE Lightning Conductor first undergo a seriesof high-voltage laboratory tests to determine the gain in triggering time in comparison to a simple rod. The value obtained - referred to as ∆t - equals the average trigger time over a run of 100 electrical discharges in the laboratory, minus a 35% safety margin. This figure is then used to calculate each conductors protection area according to the standardized formula. From the outset, INDELEC subjected the PREVECTRON > Ү 2 to independenttesting in laboratories across France (EDF facility at Renardires...

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The protection area Rp of a PREVECTRON > 2 lightning conductoris calculated according to French Standard NF C 17-102, thus:Rp= ΢Țh (2D-h) + ∆L (2D + ∆L) The protection area depends on a number of factors: Gain in triggering time բȆT of the chosen PREVECTRON > 2(see Technical Guide: high-voltage laboratory PREVECTRON > ή test results), which allows the ∆L value to be determined according to the formula ∆L (m) = V(m/_s) .∆T(_s); D = 20, 45, or 60, depending on the protection levelrequired (I, II, or III) on a given site, according to the lightning risk assessment guide (NFC 17-102 appendix B);Օ...

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The decision to go ahead with real lightning tests was based on a simple premise: laboratorytesting cannot reproduce the complete parameters and constraints of a real lightning discharge. In addition to the extensive tests carried out in the laboratory in pursuance of French Standard NFC 17-102, INDELEC is one of the only lightning rod manufacturers to actively pursue real-life testing.The test campaigns were originally developed in close cooperation with a team of engi-neers from the Atomic Energy Commission (C.E.A.) in Grenoble. As work progressed, other companies, universities and scientists...

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