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Batch dispersing machines IKA® ULTRA-TURRAX® UTC High efficiency dispersion machine for the production of emulsions and suspensions. The KT-version1 is designed for inclined or vertical installation in open vessels. Cables not included in the delivery. UTC T 80/2-KT (w/o figure) for batches from 25 up to 150 l (H2O) Powerful three phase asynchron motor with integrated frequency converter and potentiometer for speed adjustment. SFH 150 Mobile stand UTC T 115/4-KT ATEX §Ex-protected design for batches up to 500 l (H2O) Approval for use in the Ex-Zone 1 (2G), temperature class T3 acc. ATEX 95 9 Technical data Power supply 3 x 380-420 V / 50 Hz Motor power 3 kW Max. viscosity 5.000 mPa's Temperature range2 0 -120°C Shaft length standard 965 mm Rotational speed 3.000 rpm Circumferential speed 15 m/s General data Dimensions (W x D x H) 250 x 250 x 1353 mm Weight 45 kg UTC 115-KT ATEX (drive) Ident. No. U098964 T 4 Dispersing tool Ident. No. S000867 + S00091 2 UTC T 115/4-KT ATEX (drive + T 4) Ident. No. U098986 SFH 150 Mobile stand Ident. No. S090947 Technical data Power supply 3 x 380-420 V / 50 Hz Motor power 3 kW Max. viscosity 5.000 mPa's Temperature range2 0 -120°C Shaft length standard 650 mm Rotational speed range 1.200 - 5.200 rpm Circumferential speed 5 - 17 m/s General data Dimensions (W x D x H) 2 50 x 348 x 1 073 mm Weight 35 kg UTC 80-KT (drive) Ident. No. U098962 T 2 Dispersing tool Ident. No. S073331 + S073332 UTC T 80/2-KT (drive + T 2) Ident. No. U098985 SFH 75 Mobile stand Ident. No. U091 783 Package (w/o figure: UTC T 80/2-KT, stand SFH 75) Ident. No. U098963 Package (s. figure: UTC T 115/4-KT, stand SFH 150) Ident. No. U098965 Execution for operation via frequency converter as well as electric control optionally possible UTC T 115/4-KT ATEX Package 1 On request the KD-version is available for closed vessels (up to 10 bar). 2 Machines for operation in the temperature range from -40 °C to 160 °C are also available. Due to the high rotational speed of the rotor, the mdium to be processed is drawn axially into the dispersion head and then forced radially through the slots in the rotor/ stator arrangement. The high accl驩rations acting on the material produce extremely strong shear and thrust forces. In addition, high turbulence occurs in the shear gap between rotor and stator, which provides optimum mixing of the suspension.

IKA Pilots
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    IKA® agitators 4 Reliable helpers get things moving at the pilot plant station IKA® agitators in pilot size are mainly used for processing of...
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    RW 47 D for batches up to 200 l (H2O) The very powerful IKA® stirrer for laboratories, pilot plants and small-scale production. Two speed ranges for...
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    Magnetic stirrers sries MR 1 Powerful magnetic stirrer without heating. Casing and bottom plate made of stainless steel. Infinitely adjustable speed. Magnetic...
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    8 Dispersing machines are ideal for materials that cannot be mixed. What a stirrer could not mix in hours, can be dispersed in just a few minutes with...
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    IKA® inline dispersing machines 10 Ideal results, non-stop IKA® stands for the development of continuous mixing processes. Saving time, money,...
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    One machine for many mixing tasks. IKA® magic LAB® 2000/03 Small inline dispersing laboratory machine for the production of emulsions and suspensions...
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    Module DISPAX-REACTOR® DR Three-stage dispersing for manufacturing of fine emulsions and suspensions. Mounting examples Technical data (at 50 Hz)...
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    13 High pressure homogenizer HPH 2000/04 High energy density and highly turbulent flow at the valve outlet. Particle and droplet size rduction to the nano...
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    IKA® laboratory reactors and pilot plants 14 Achieving a lot while still in the laboratory Whether you need a system for chemical processes or would...
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