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XSEL-PX/QX Large Capacity SCARA Controller Catalog - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Large-Capacity SCARA Controller X-SEL PX/QX Simultaneous Control of SCARA Robots and Single-Axis/Cartesian Robots with One Controller A large-capacity SCARA controller capable of controlling up to six axes Controlling SCARA robots (4 axes) plus 2 additional axes The X-SEL PX/QX can control SCARA robots plus up to two axes in a combination of single-axis and/or cartesian robots (total wattage: 2400 W) (*1). If the SCARA robot has an arm length of 500/600, two 750-W axes can be operated together. (*1) Single-axis robots may not be connectable depending on the type of SCARA robot. For details, refer to the notes under “Models.” “Global type” for applications that require conformance to safety category 4 The “global type” does not have a built-in drive-source cutoff circuit. Instead, it cuts off the drive source using an external safety circuit. This design conforms to safety category 4 under ISO 13849-1. Both the large-capacity type (PX) and large-capacity global type (QX) conform to the CE Mark standard. Conveyor tracking function (Optional) The PX/QX can be configured to detect works on the conveyor using a vision system and handle them synchronously with the conveyor movement. The conveyor tracking function will surely improve the work efficiency of your equipment. Works (Note) The conveyor tracking function is effective only if the actuator has an arm length of 500/600. Also, this function may not be supported under certain operating conditions. If you are considering adding the conveyor tracking option, consult IAI’s Sales Department. Compact, high performance and CE-compliant Approx. 40% slimmer than IAI’s 454.4mm conventional controllers (X-SEL general Conventional product -purpose controllers). Significantly faster than IAI’s conventional controllers (the command processing time is around half). Connectable to DeviceNet, CC-Link, Ethernet and other networks. XSEL-KX (general-purpose type), 4-axis, 1.6 Kw Conforming to the CE Mark standard. CONTROLLER

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Controller type Motor output of axis 5 Motor output of axis 6 Dedicated network slot (Standard type) (High-speed type) (Large-capacity, 5-axis type) (Dustproof/splash-proof type) (Wall mount type) (Large-capacity, global 4-axis type) UNN3015~3515 (Wall mount, inverse type) (Cleanroom type) (Inverse type) QX6 (Large-capacity, global 6-axis type) (I/O board ) (I/O board ) ( I/O board ) NPN32/16 NPN32/16 NPN32/16 Standard (I/O board ) (I/O board ) ( I/O board ) (specification:) NPN16/32 NPN16/32 NPN16/32 2m Indicate the series name. ➁ Controller type Indicate the controller type. PX4 Large-capacity,...

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System Configuration Connectable Actuator SCARA Robot IX Series (all types) High-speed, high-precision type Standard type Dustproof type Cleanroom specification Anti-electrostatic specification Small type Compact type High-rigidity belt type Slim belt type Rotating axis ROBO Cylinder External Equipment Various Field Network Connections • Device Net • CC-Link • ProfiBus • Ethernet ISPA Series ISA Series ISDA Series ISDACR Series ISDACR ESD DS/DSCR (T1) Series SS/SSCR Series IF Series FS Series RS Series RCS-SS/SM RCS-SSR/SMR RCS-RA55/F55 RCS-RB7530/RB7535 Teaching Pendant Serial Communication Port...

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External Dimensions The external dimensions of X-SEL PX/QX controllers vary depending on the type (arm length) of connected SCARA robot, number of connected axes, use/non-use of expansion I/O, and types of direct-coupled axes. In the table below, select the controller specification meeting your specific requirements and refer to the drawing of the corresponding number. SCARA Controller Large-capacity type (PX) Large-capacity global type (QX) Without expansion I/O With expansion I/O Without expansion I/O With expansion I/O Without expansion I/O With expansion I/O Without expansion I/O With expansion...

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