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XSEL-P/Q Controller Option Electronic Cam Function Catalog - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

XSEL-P/Q Controller Option

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The controller recreates the movements of mechanical cams! A cam mechanisms is used in situations where a given operation should be performed in conjunction with another operation in a production facility. If a cam mechanism is used, however, the cam itself must be redesigned from scratch when the stroke or pattern is to be changed, which makes the adjustment process time-consuming and cumbersome. An electronic cam function solves this problem. What Is Electronic Cam? An electronic cam controls the slave axis in synchronization with the master axis, using pulse trains, according to a pre-defined...

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System Configuration | Required Equipment The following equipment will be required when an electronic cam is used. Applicable controllers: XSEL-P/Q Name Master axis phase Slave axis phase CB-XPQ-PLIOS-H6 CB-X-PIO(for 50 pins) CB-X-PIOH(for multi-point I/Os) ➃ I/O flat cable ➄ Connecter terminal block Specify a desired code from among “N1,” “N2,” “N3,” “P1”, “P2” and “P3” in the standard or expansion I/O field of the controller model number. Enter the code “MC” in the expansion I/O field of the controller model number. If nine or more controllers are connected, two pulse I/O boards are required....

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■ Cable • Pulse I/O cable Model number: CB-XPQ-PLIOS-H6 * indicates the cable length (L). A desired length of up to 5 m can be specified in meters. Example: 020 = 2 m Pin No. Wire color Signal Channel No. Function Function Pulse output phase A+ 27 Gray/White 2 1A+ Pulse output phase A+ Pulse output phase A28 Red/White 2 1APulse output phase A1 Pulse output phase B+ 29 Black/White 2 1B+ Pulse output phase B+ Pulse output phase B30 Yellow/Black 2 1BPulse output phase BPulse output phase A+ 31 Pink/Black 2 3A+ Pulse output phase A+ Pulse output phase A32 Purple/White 2 3APulse output phase A3 Pulse...

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