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Remote I/O Unit - 8 Pages

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Remote I/O Unit
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Catalogue excerpts

Introducing the Remote I/O Unit, Which Allows You to Easily Expand the Number of I/O Points on the Controller Capable of Expanding the Number of I/O Points on the Controller The remote I/O units have input-only model (IN specification) and output-only model (OUT specification), and each are equipped with 32 I/O points. You can install a maximum of 8 units (Note 1) each of the IN specification and OUT specification models, for a total of 16 units. The maximum expansion is 256 points (Note 1) for input and 256 points for output. Terminal resistance Master controller OUT specification Remote I/O...

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Easy Connection and Less Cables Connection between the controller and remote I/O units and among remote I/O units can be conducted with general LAN cables (with Category 5 or higher). When Remote I/O Units Are Not Used As the connection between the controller and the terminal block is to be conducted with I/O cable, it is necessary to pay attention to the wiring layout of the cable. Indicator lights Terminal block Emergency stop When Remote I/O Units Are Used I/O cable can be short, and the connection between the controller and I/O units can be conducted with just one LAN cable, which makes...

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Remote I/O Unit Model List Name Input Unit (IN Specification) Output Unit (OUT Specification) External View Standard Price Model Code EIOU Series Input 32/NPN Output 32/NPN Input 32/PNP Output 32/PNP Specifications Items Rated Voltage Operating Voltage Range Current Consumption Communication Method Baud Rate Number of Connectable Units Communication Cycle Time Total Cable Length (IA Net Connection) Size Weight Electric Shock Protection Half-duplex multi-drop IN: 12mbps / OUT: 3mbps IN: 8 units max. / OUT: 8 units max. (SSEL) IN: 7 units max. / OUT: 7 units max. (MSEL & TTA) IN: 0.627msec (baud...

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Remote I/O Unit Part Names 6 This connector allows 32 points of input or output control signals to be connected. 7 Main unit setting confirmation switch After changing the position of the stationary address switch or the baud rate setting switch, pressing this switch will make the changes effective. There is no need to reboot the unit. This sets the station address. For both the IN and OUT specifications, you can set the position of the rotary switch starting from 0 and up. Station address setting switch (SA rotary switch) 8 Status LED 1 This displays the status of the product in response to the...

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Remote I/O Unit I/O Specification Input Unit (IN Specification) Specification Items Input Points Input Voltage Input Current Current Leakage Insulation System Not insulated Internal 24V power supply Internal circuit External 24V power supply 100kΩ Internal circuit Output Unit (OUT Specification) Specification Items Output Points Rated Load Voltage Residual Voltage Insulation System Input terminal Not insulated External 24V power supply Output terminal Internal circuit [PNP Specification] Internal circuit Internal 24V power supply

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Remote I/O Unit Model Code Description of Connectable Controllers  Currently, the controllers available to connect remote I/O units are “SSEL”, “MSEL” and “TTA” shown below.  If connection to remote I/O units is required, put “IA” to the place to indicate I/O in the controller model code. SSEL Series *1 For one axis type, it is not necessary to fill in 2nd axis contents. CS (Axis 1) Encoder type Number of connected axes Motor type Motor type (Axis 2) Encoder type I/O Power-supply cable length voltage (*4) LSAS Series only (*4) LSAS Series only Brake Creep sensor Creep sensor High-acceleration/...

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Model Code Description of Connectable Controllers (Continued) Series Encoder type X-axis contents Y-axis contents Z-axis contents Global spec. A2G 2-axis Gate Type A3G 3-axis Gate Type 4-axis Gate Type A4G (R180 deg. spec., R360 deg. spec.) C2G 2-axis Cantilever Type C3G 3-axis Cantilever Type 4-axis Cantilever Type C4G (R180 deg. spec., R360 deg. spec.) Note) Select global specification when it is necessary to apply for CE marking or Safety Category B to 3. X-axis stroke X-axis option Home confirmation sensor Non-motor side spec. Y-axis stroke Y-axis option TTA-A Series TTA-C Series Home confirmation...

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