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RCP2W Waterproof Type Electric Actuator - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

ROBO Cylinder Waterproof Type New RCP2 slider lineup Eagerly awaited waterproof type! Standard type First in the industry (IAI study) Fully conforming to IEC IP67! Able to withstand strong/repeated splashes or washing processes! Cover type (optional) IP67-rated structure provides strong protection a gainst water. Parts cleaning equipment (*1) The RCP2W cannot be operated in water. Second digit Degree of protection against water Watertight Even if the actuator is immersed in water under specific conditions, water does not enter. (*1) Degree of protection against human body parts and solid objects Water rinsing of equipment after use Dust does not enter (Complete protection) Magnetic coupling structure (patent pending) Thrust is transmitted via magnetic attraction force to achieve complete sealing around the ball screw. Optional cover type You can select the cover type that protects guides and other sliding parts. Model Actuator Model Encoder type SA16: I:Incremental Actuator width 158mm Motor type Gear ratio PM:Pulse motor Controller Model Actuator type CF:High-output type with built-in drivesource cutoff relay Enter the (type of the actuator) – (encoder type) – (motor type) Cable length N:No cable CO:Cover P:1m NM:Reversed-home S:3m specification M:5m X :Specified length R :Robot cable Power-supply voltage Input signal pattern (Blank):NPN P :PNP * Leave this space blank unless you require the PNP specification.

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Model specification items (Example) ROBO Cylinder Waterproof Type, Actuator Width 158mm, Pulse Motor Encoder type Load capacity Applicable controller Cable length * The maximum speed of the RCP2 Series varies depending on the weight of the load installed on the slider (rod). Refer to the graph on the facing page for the relationship of speed and load capacity. Models/Specifications Motor output (W) Encoder Type Pulse motor Horizontal only * In the above model names, ➀ indicates the stroke, ➁ the cable length, and ➂ the applicable option(s). Common Specifications Options Name Cover type Reversed-home...

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Correlation Diagram of Speed and Load Capacity 40 The specification data shown to the right is based on operation at an acceleration of 0.2 G with the payload uniformly distributed over the slider. If the actuator receives any moment load, different values will apply because the effect of slide resistance must be considered. Cover Type (Code: CO) 4-9 bore, ø14 deep counterbore, depth 8.5 *1 L, A, B and S in the drawing are the same as the corresponding dimensions of the standard specification shown on the facing page. (Cover material:SUS304) Stroke Weight (kg) This actuator cannot be used in vertical...

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Actuator type Power-supply voltage Input signal pattern Enter the (type of the actuator) – (encoder type) – (motor type) CF:High-output type with built-in drivesource cutoff relay Specification Table External Dimensions Specification Controller series/type Connected actuator Input power supply Power-supply capacity 6A max. (peak rush current: 8A) Number of controlled axes Control method Field-weakening vector control (patent pending) Positioning command Position number specification Position numbers Standard 16 points, maximum 64 points Backup memory Position number data and parameters are saved...

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