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RCL-SA Micro Slider - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Space Saving, Ultra compact Linear Servo Slider The 20mm width facilitates installation in a narrow space (SA1L type). The built-in motor coil eliminates the need for a cable track, so there is no cable disconnection. High-Speed Operation Through the Linear Motor Method The linear motor method, which has no rotational speed reduction mechanism, makes the slider smaller in size and able to operate at higher speed Smooth, quiet movement The sine wave drive of the three-phase coil enables the slider movement without cogging. Moreover, it virtually has no magnetism leak. each application Three types...

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Micro Slider Lineup / Specifications G indicates the driver output number. *When using a field network type, a separate gateway R unit is necessary. ([Application Examples High-speed transfer of smell parts Parts placed by a SCARA Pitch-feed Operation laser marking process

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