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PSEL-C-ABU Absolute Unit - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Program Controllers that support Simple Absolute Encoder data can be saved for a maximum of 20 days. | Once installed, the Simple Absolute Unit eliminates the need for home return. The unit works immediately when connected | The controller can interpolate on two axes. The proprietary SEL language enables easy programming of even difficult operations. (Simple Absolute Unit) Controller connector cable Encoder cable Wiring diagram

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Model details Type Number of connected axes C: Standard type 1: 1 axis specification 2: 2 axis specification Motor types Encoder types Options I: Incremental 20P: Use with 20 angle pulse motor 28P: Use with 28 angle pulse motor 28SP: Use with 28 angle pulse motor (special-purpose for RCP2-RA3C) 35P: Use with 35 angle pulse motor 42P: Use with 42 angle pulse motor 56P: Use with 56 angle pulse motor The 28SP motor type is used when RCP2-RA3C/RGD3C are connected. Motor types Encoder types Options I: Incremental (empty) : unused ABU : used NP: PIO NPN specification (standard) PN: PIO PNP specification...

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