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MSEP Controller Catalog - 16 Pages

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MSEP Controller Catalog
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Catalogue excerpts

Position Controller for ROBO Cylinder SEP series 8-axis Type

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8 AXES in ONE MSEP controller Achieving High-Performance in a Compact Design Network Connectable Controller Features Compact Design A successfully designed 8-axis compact controller with a 123 mm width x 115 mm height unit. A 60% reduction in width from the predecessor controller which contributes to space savings within the controller cabinet. Supports major field networks Allows direct connection with the major field networks including DeviceNet, CC-Link, PROFIBUS-DP, MECHATROLINK, CompoNet, EtherCAT, and EtherNet/IP. Network Specification Features • 256 positioning points per each axis • Allows...

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Supports both the pulse motor and the servo motor A single MSEP controller can operate both the pulse motor and the servo motor type actuators, reducing set-up efforts significantly such as wiring even when different types of actuators have to be used at the same time. Simple absolute option An absolute position encoder is available, which saves the position data by battery, providing prompt operation without returning to the home position after power off. Even in an emergency shut-off or momentary power-loss, it allows continuous operation from its last position. MSEP Controller Pulse Motor Type Servo...

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8 AXES in ONE Models Type Item name DeviceNet Specification CC-Link Specification PROFIBUS-DP Specification CompoNet Specification MECHATROLINK Specification EtherCAT Specification EtherNet/IP Specification Exterior view * The picture shown is of the PIO specification. Depending on the I/O category, the PIO connector and field network joint connector changes. Item description Operates via digital signals from the PLC Operates with any of the above field network connections. A choice of method either a serial communication with PIO specification control, or transmitting traveling position, velocity...

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MSEP Guide for the description of the selected configuration The description of the MSEP controller configuration varies depending on the type of actuator connected to the controller, and the total number of axes installed. Please see the following conditions to configure a desired controller. Connect the SAME TYPE of actuators (either pulse motor type or servo motor type) Connect a MIXTURE OF TYPES of actuators (both pulse motor type and servo motor type) Please indicate the motor type code of the actuator starting from the 1st axis respectively. Each board is designed to connect to a pair of...

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8 AXES in ONE Actuator combination patterns for the MSEP There are 40 combination patterns of the pulse motor type or the servo motor type actuator that can be connected to the MSEP controller as shown in the table below. (all * are an incremental specification) (The boxes in the configuration lines are to indicate the type of motor code number) Pulse motor type actuator • RCP4 series (*) • RCP3 series • RCP2 series Servo motor type actuator • RCA2 series (*) • RCA series • RCL series (*) High-output motion is not available 1-axis to 5-axis specification Driver slot 0 Driver slot 1 Driver slot...

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Total number AX0 of axes Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Servo Servo Servo Pulse Pulse Servo Servo Servo Servo Pulse Servo Servo Servo Servo Servo Servo Servo Servo Servo Servo Servo Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Servo Servo Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Unit price Incremental specification PIO specification Driver slot 0 Driver slot 1 Driver slot 2 Driver slot 3 Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Servo Servo Servo Servo Servo MSEP-C-7- Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Servo Servo Servo Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse Pulse...

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8 AXES in ONE Standard price chart The standard price of the MSEP controller can be calculated by adding the 2 I/O type price, plus additional prices for the 3 absolute position encoder specification, and the 4 absolute data backup battery (Absolute-battery) option to the basic unit prices as listed in 1 below. Basic unit price (Incremental specification + PIO specification) The prices of combination patterns from page 9 (all incremental axes) Additional price by I/O type For field network specification, please add the price. Additional price for the absolute position encoder specification For...

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MSEP System configuration PLC Field Network DeviceNet CC-Link PROFIBUS-DP MECHATROLINK CompoNet EtherCAT EtherNet/IP PC Software (See P13) RS232 connection version Model RCM-101-MW Teaching pendant (See P13) Model CON-PTA-C USB connection version Model RCM-101-USB * MSEP is supported by Ver.1.10 or later * MSEP is supported by Ver. or later PIO flat cable (See P6) Model CB-MSEP-PI0020 Standard length: 2 m * In order to connect to the field network, the compatible PC software is necessary to provide the gateway parameter configuration tool to configure the communication with the controller....

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8 AXES in ONE PIO Controlled Motion Mode The MSEP controller with the PIO control specification offers the following six-motion modes. In addition, Mode No. 0 through 2 support both the single and double solenoid valves for signal configuration. Motion Mode No. Motion Mode Type Speed change during movement Position data change Continuous cycle operation 2-position continuous motion Speed change during movement Travel position data change Retract motion signal Extend motion signal Continuous motion signal Solenoid configurations Motion signal Motion signal 1 Motion signal 2 Motion signal Pause...

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MSEP PIO Input/Output Interface Input External Input Specification Item Input voltage Input current ON/OFF voltage Output External Output Specification Item Load voltage Maximum load current Leakage current External power supply P24 DC24V Internal circuit Input terminal Load External power supply DC24V Input terminal Internal circuit Internal circuit External power supply DC24V Output terminal External power supply DC24V Load Field network control motion mode There are five motion modes to choose from in the field network control mode with the MSEP controller as follows. Motion pattern (*1) Positioner...

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