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LSA Linear Servo Actuator Series Catalog - 53 / 68 Pages

In addition to linear servo actuators, the SSEL also lets you operate single-axis
robots and ROBO Cylinders (RCS2 series) of varying output levels from 20 to
750 W. Since up to two axes can be controlled simultaneously, you can
combine a large linear actuator with a single-axis robot, etc., to configure a
system that transfers a load, performs coating or carries out other operations
over a wide range.
Supporting Single-axis Robots and ROBO Cylinders (RCS2 Series) in Addition to Linear
Servo Actuators
You can select the “Program Mode” where the actuator can be operated with
the SSEL controller alone without using a PLC or other host device, or the
“Positioner Mode” where the actuator is operated by issuing I/O signals from
a PLC to specify desired position numbers pre-input to the SSEL. Use the
program mode if your application involves coating, path operation or other
interpolation operation, or when the SSEL must exchange I/O data
frequently with an external device. For simple positioning operations, use the
positioner mode.
Program Mode (High Function) and Positioner Mode (Easy Operation)
Operations of two actuator axes can be interpolated, which is ideal for
coating and sealing operations, among others. The SSEL also offers excellent
locus accuracy and uniformity of speed comparable to the XSEL, a higher
version of the SSEL. As for synchronized operation, two axes can be
controlled simultaneously without delay, even when the synchronized axes
are high-speed actuators such as linear servo actuators.
Interpolation and Synchronized Operation of 2 Axes
œ Very affordable 2-axis controller capable of
operating in the program mode or positioner mode
œ Easy way to operate linear servo actuators
USB has become a standard interface between PCs and various peripherals.
The SSEL also comes standard with a USB port. Accordingly, you can use a
standard USB cable to connect your SSEL to a PC, even when the PC has no
RS232C terminal, to perform data communication.
Standard USB Port
A new function has been added to prevent two sliders from colliding with
each other when operated independently in the multi-slider operation mode.
This function is effective not only during automatic operation, but also while
the actuators are manually jogged. With the collision prevention function,
you can be assured of safety at all time.
Multi-slider Collision Prevention Function
¡ Positioner mode ¡ Program mode
External device
(sequencer, etc.)
Command to move
to the target position
Movement complete
Moving to the
target position
All actions are preprogrammed
Variable calculation
BCD input/output
Incremental movement
Position movement
Multi-tasking of 8 programs
External device control
The sliders will stop if they become closer to each other than the specified distance.

LSA Linear Servo Actuator Series Catalog
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    47 AAAA-BBBBLinear Servo ActuatorShaft type Small type Flat type Medium type Large typeLSA-W21SS OptionsNameCable track installation directionHome limit...
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    AAAA-BBBB 48Linear Servo ActuatorShaft type Small type Flat type Medium type Large typeLSA-W21SMLABCDEFGHStroke 7301410205512105614120061057.0865154572.5716172.5614120068061.01000168014071640818160076065.011351815207.5716107.5818160083069.01270195075920175818160090073.014052085142.592042.51022200097077.01540222021092011010222000104081.01675235577.51124177.510222000112085.01810249014511244512262400116089.019452625212.51124112.512262400124093.02080276080132818012262400131097.022152895147.5132847.5143028001380101.0235030302151328115143028001450105.02485316582.51532182.5143028001500109.026203300150153250163432001570113.027553435217.51532117.5163432001640117.028903570851736185163432001720121.030253705152.5173652.5183836001790125.0316038402201736120183836001840129.03295397587.51940187.5183836001910133.034304110155194055204240001980137.035654245222.51940122.5204240002050141.037004380902144190204240002120145.038354515157.5214457.5224644002200149.0OptionsSlot,...
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    49 AAAA-BBBBLinear Servo ActuatorShaft type Small type Flat type Medium type Large typeLSA-W21HS StrokeLABCDEFGH8951410205512105614120076050.01030154572.5716172.5614120083054.01165168014071640818160090058.013001815207.5716107.5818160097062.014351950759201758181600104066.015702085142.592042.510222000112070.01705222021092011010222000116074.01840235577.51124177.510222000124078.01975249014511244512262400131082.021102625212.51124112.512262400138086.02245276080132818012262400145090.023802895147.5132847.514302800150094.025153030215132811514302800157098.02650316582.51532182.5143028001640102.027853300150153250163432001720106.029203435217.51532117.5163432001790110.030553570851736185163432001840114.031903705152.5173652.5183836001910118.0332538402201736120183836001980122.03460397587.51940187.5183836002050126.035954110155194055204240002120130.037304245222.51940122.5204240002200134.038654380902144190204240002240138.040004515157.5214457.5224644002320142.010R4+0.0158...
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    AAAA-BBBB 50Linear Servo ActuatorShaft type Small type Flat type Medium type Large typeLSA-W21HMStrokeLABCDEFGH4201410205512105614120054065.0555154572.5716172.5614120061069.0690168014071640818160068073.08251815207.5716107.5818160076077.0960195075920175818160083081.010952085142.592042.51022200090085.0123022202109201101022200097089.01365235577.51124177.510222000104093.01500249014511244512262400112097.016352625212.51124112.5122624001160101.017702760801328180122624001240105.019052895147.5132847.5143028001310109.0204030302151328115143028001380113.02175316582.51532182.5143028001450117.023103300150153250163432001500121.024453435217.51532117.5163432001570125.025803570851736185163432001640129.027153705152.5173652.5183836001720133.0285038402201736120183836001790137.02985397587.51940187.5183836001840141.031204110155194055204240001910145.032554245222.51940122.5204240001980149.033904380902144190204240002050153.035254515157.5214457.5224644002120157.0160GDAst435...
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    In addition to linear servo actuators, the SCON also lets you operatesingle-axis robots and ROBO Cylinders (RCS2 series) of varying outputlevels from 20...
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    53 Up to six axes of linear servo actuators, single-axis robots and ROBOCylinders (RCS series) can be operated. For example, you can operate withone XSEL...
  9. P. 55

    54¡ Controller SpecificationsPower-supply capacityInsulation resistanceWithstand voltageConnected actuatorsLinear servo actuators (excluding W21HS/W21HM)Single-axis...
  10. P. 56

    Type Motor typeMotor type Motor typeEncoder typeEncodertype EncodertypeI/O type Power-supply voltagePower-supplyvoltageI/O cable lengthI/O cablelengthNP...
  11. P. 57

    XSEL ( )Standard I/O Expansion I/O(Slot 1) (Slot 2) (Slot 3) (Slot 4)BCLMS1 1-axis specification2 2-axis specification3 3-axis specification4 4-axis specification5...
  12. P. 58

    57 I/O Signal Table¡ I/O Signal Table ySCON ControllerzThe SCON controller basically operates actuators using I/O signals from a PLC. However, you...
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