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DD Motor Catalog - 8 Pages

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DD Motor Catalog
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Catalogue excerpts

High Speed, High Payload, Easy to Adjust, Introducing a Direct Drive Motor Achieving Features The Direct Drive Motor is a rotary actuator that directly drives a rotary table with a motor without using any speed reducing mechanism such as a belt or reduction gears. Eliminating the speed reducing mechanism translates to high speed and excellent response, while the compact actuator lets you reduce the size of your equipment. High Torque, High Payload The compact actuator can generate high torque, generating a maximum instantaneous torque of 25.2 N•m. Based on a rectangular solid shape of 200 mm x...

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and Compact! High Cost Performance. Compact Size Measuring 180 mm in width, 180 mm in depth and 53 mm in height, the actuator is fairly compact in size. As it can be installed even in a small space, you have a greater degree of freedom designing your equipment. < 70 mm slimmer than the RTC12L type > 180 Index Type or Multi-rotation Absolute Type Can be Selected The Direct Drive Motor comes in the index type having an operating range of 0 to 359.999 deg and the multi-rotation absolute type having an operating range of ±9999 deg. Neither type requires a home return, meaning that once the power has...

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DD Direct Drive Motor Model Specification Items Direct Drive Motor Actuator width: 180mm Slim type Encoder Motor type wattage 200 : 200W A I : Index type AM : Multi-rotation absolute type Range of Applicable operation controller 360 : 360 deg T2 : SCON-CA XSEL-P/Q XSEL-R/S Cable length N : None S : 3m M : 5m X : Specified length Model/Specication Model number Encoder type Speed (Note 1) (deg/s) Maximum instantaneous torque (N•m) (*) Allowable load inertia (kg•m²) Rotor inertia (kg•m²) Index type Multi-rotation absolute type (*) The value when installed on an IAI rated heat dissipating plate. (Please...

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DD Direct Drive Motor Controller Model Numbers The controller may be selected from the two models described below. * Because the driver for the SCON-CA for DD motors is larger than the regular 200-watt type, the motor type will be 200S. ■ Model Number of Positioner Single-axis Type Motor type Encoder type Power-supply voltage Index absolute type For 200-watt motor (DD motor only) Absolute specification Multi-rotation absolute type ■ Model Number of Programmable Multi-axis Type (Specs for axis 1) XSEL Series Motor type Motor type Number of connected axes of the model number, Options Index absolute...

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DD Direct Drive Motor Notes ■ Installation Installation Orientation Mounting hole for DD motor 4-ø11 drilled, through Do not install it in a vertical position or hung on the ceiling. Positioning hole for DD motor 2-ø4, reamed hole, through Ceiling mount Vertical mount Horizontal mount Installation surface ■ Operation Types Two operation types can be selected to suit specific operating conditions. Check the features of the different types of DD motors and other notes before use. Operation type Controller type Operation range Maximum travel per travel command Infinite rotation Home return Absolute...

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DD Direct Drive Motor Conditions for Selection The following should be checked to determine whether the DD motor can be used to suit the specific conditions required by the customer: 1 Check Load Conditions The customer should confirm that the following three points under actual use do not exceed their maximum allowable levels as specified for the DD motor. Is the total load of device(s) mounted on the actuator no more than 3,400 N? [2] Load moment applied Is the total load moment of device(s) mounted on the actuator no more than 80 N•m? Is the load inertia of device(s) mounted on the actuator...

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IAI America, Inc. IAI Industrieroboter GmbH Headquarters: 2690 W. 237th Street,Torrance, CA 90505 (800) 736-1712 ober der R°th 4' D-65824 Schwalbach amTaunus, Germany Chicago Office: 1261 Hamilton Parkway, Itasca, IL 60143 (800) 944-0333 IAI Robot (Thailand), CO., Ltd. Atlanta Office: 1220 Kennestone Circle, Suite 108, Marietta, GA 30066 (888) 354-9470 825 PhairojKijja Tower 12th Floor, Bangna-Trad RD, Bangna.Bangna, Bangkok 10260,Thailand The information contained in this product brochure may change without prior notice due to product improvements.

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