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ACON / PCON Absolute Unit - 2 Pages

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ACON / PCON Absolute Unit
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Catalogue excerpts

Simple Absolute Unit for ACON Simple Absolute Unit for PCON Main unit for simple absolute unit (unit model ABU) Back-up battery (unit model AB-7) Controller connection cable (unit model CB-PC-PJ002) When connecting to an ACON/PCON C, CG, CY, or SE type controller (incremental specifications), the data from the encoder are retained even when the main power to the controller is shut off, so the ABU models can be used as absolute specification models that do not need to be restored to the original point. The absolute models are the same size (34 mm wide x 100 mm high x 75.3 mm deep) as the compact CY and SE compact specification models, so they can even be installed Controller connection cable Encoder data can be retained for up to 20 days. While the encoder data are retained, if the actuator slider or rod are moved faster than a certain speed, an error is generated. Please see the specifications on the back for the allowable speed (number of rotations).

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Catalog number CJ0110- IA (April 2007) The standard price includes a set consisting of the main unit for the simple absolute unit, back-up battery, and controller connection cable. (*3) Positioning data retention time varies based on the allowable number of rotations for the encoder while the data are retained. (800rpm->120h/400rpm-»240h/200rpm-»360h/l 00rpm-»480h] ■ External View & Dimensions •ACON-ABU and PCON-ABU have the same specifications for their main units but different controller connection cables. (Main Unit, Model ABU) Encoder cable lAIAmerica.lnc. IAI Industrieroboter GmbH 1AI (Shanghai)...

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