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The 7 Benefits of ROBO cylinder - 4 Pages

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The 7 Benefits of ROBO cylinder
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Catalogue excerpts

The 7 Benefits of ROBO Cylinder® Multiple Positioning With the ROBO Cylinder, you can achieve positioning of up to 20,000 stored points and a repeatability of ±0.01mm. (±0.005mm for high-precision type) Benefit – Use one assembly line to produce a variety of products and achieve higher quality production with a repeatability of ±0.01mm or less. Opening and closing doors Operation Example Acceleration Stationary Position complete signal is output Movement completed Position complete signal is output Start signal input (Movement starts) Start signal input (Movement starts) Conveyance and movement...

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Acceleration/Deceleration Settings Specified speed Operation Example Set the acceleration and deceleration independently on the ROBO Cylinder. Benefit – Improve cycle time and drastically reduce part defects. Produce more in less time. (Set on a teaching pendant or using PC software) Position (mm) Operation Example Zone Output Output a signal when the ROBO Cylinder reaches a preset range, without a need for any external sensors. The zone output function allows the ROBO Cylinder to shorten its cycle time, output a danger zone signal, and can be used for a variety of other applications. Benefit –...

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Speed Change While in Motion Speed can easily be changed while in motion. Easily set a position band and change your speed while in motion. Benefit – Improve cycle time and minimize product defects, resulting in higher quality production and ROI. Operation Example Acceleration Stationary Speed Time More Benefits... Energy Efficient Longer Life = Greater ROI ROBO Cylinders are highly energy efficient and will cut running costs, giving you substantial ROI. Functions such as Full Servo Control Mode and Automatic Servo Off Mode, further improve energy efficiency, making ROBO Cylinder the optimal choice...

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