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MTS Rolling Carts - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Raw materials. Manufacturing supplies. Finished products. Unless it’s all moving, production isn’t really happening. IAC complements workstations with the material handling equipment needed to allow product to move and true production to take place. Mobile Accessory Stations, Stationary Accessory Stations, and D4 Rolling Carts continue Dimension 4 construction and style. MTS rolling carts are heavy gauge mobile platforms for shelving, parts cup holders and other accessories. Mobile cabinets are lockable for storing valuable tools, instruments or personal belongings – roll them to wherever the action is. Gravity Feed Racks* (not shown) and Conveyor Systems are stationary, but they keep essential parts, products and the like moving and within reach of production workers. *Gravity Feed Racks are special order only.

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Many Rolling Storage units and carts are manufactured with Dimension 4 components, and integrate beautifully in Dimension 4 workstation environments. Mobile carts, such as MTS Rolling Storage Carts pictured here, feature ergonomic maneuvering handles designed for comfort and stress-free use. IAC designs efficient production lines by integrating conveyor and ball transfer systems.

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Material Handling D4 Rolling Carts are constructed of D4 aluminum extrusion uprights, a welded tubular frame, support beams, and a 1-1/4˝ laminated worksurface with “T” mold edges and radiused corners. Carts are available in Standard and ESD laminates. ESD carts include a ground cord and drag chain. Shelves order separately. The height includes four standard 3˝ swivel plate casters, two locking and two non-locking. The overall weight capacity is 250 lbs. Optional shelves are adjustable along the uprights. Laminate Color Black T-mold Trim Color D4 Rolling Cart with two optional shelves Base Color Standard...

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Material Handling MTS Rolling Carts feature 4˝ plate casters, ergonomic handle and heavy duty frame with bottom tray and will provide a mobile yet sturdy cart for all your applications. • • • • • Heavy gauge frame construction Single slot verticals Ergonomic handle 4˝ plate casters, total lock Bottom tray Shelves and accessories sold separately Shown with 12˝ utility shelf, one 15˝ utility shelf, and one 18˝ pan shelf. Cart Height Cart Length Caster Type Hard Rubber Hard Rubber Polyurethane Shown with one multi bin parts cup rail, one parts cup rail, one 12˝ utility shelf, one 15˝ utility shelf,...

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Material Handling D4 Rolling Storage and Equipment Carts D4 Rolling Storage and Equipment Carts are constructed of D4 aluminum extrusion uprights, a welded tubular frame, top and bottom support beams, and a 1-1/4˝ thick laminated top cap with “T” mold edges and radiused corners, The casters are 4˝ dual wheel plate type, two locking, two nonlocking, all swivel. Total weight capacity is 500 lbs evenly distributed on the shelves. The handle is ergonomically designed for safety. • Three shelves included • ESD models include grounding cord and drag chain • Three heighths, four lengths, and three depths...

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Material Handling D4 Rolling Storage and Equipment Cart Shelves Standard cart includes three shelves. Additional shelves are available as options. These infinitely height-adjustable metal shelves have raised-lip edges. Shelf Length Shelf Depth Standard Painted Metal ordering tips from IAC... When ordering ESD laminates be sure to specify color. See page A-16 for selection. D4 Rolling Parts Cup Cart D4 Rolling Parts Cup Carts are available in two standard heights and two lengths. Adjustable double sided rails permit access from both sides of the cart. D4 Rolling Parts Cup Carts Cart Length Additional...

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Material Handling IAC Accessory Stations are designed to be placed adjacent to existing workbenches, conveyors, or wherever additional storage and work area is needed. Accessory Stations are ideal for organizing manuals, tools, test equipment and parts, for multiple shifts. Mobile Accessory Station Stationary Accessory Station Accessories for 48˝ and longer stations are found in the Basic Dimension 4 Accessories pages. 36˝ long accessories are on following pages. D4 Mobile Accessory Station — MAS The Mobile Accessory Station (MAS) is a freestanding structure configured with two Dimension 4 style...

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Material Handling D4 Stationary Accessory Station — SAS The Stationary Accessory Station (SAS) is similar to the MAS, but instead of casters, the SAS has floor glides. Length Depth The SAS is ideal for storage of tools, manuals, and parts. Like the MAS, the SAS can accommodate abovethe-worksurface accessories such as shelves, lights, power strips, tool trolleys, parts cup stringer, and swing arm platforms. Length is measured from center to center of uprights. Depth For 36˝ length models see the following pages for accessory options. For all other lengths refer to D4 accessory section beginning...

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Material Handling For 36˝ length models see these two pages for accessory options. For all other lengths refer to D4 accessory section. Metal Shelving The adjustable shelf comes in four depths and is available with an ESD laminate surface. Weight capacity of the standard shelf is 75 lbs. (150 lbs. for the heavy duty shelf) evenly distributed. Shelves are UL Listed structural components. Adjustable Height, Depth, Angle Four Depths Solid Surface Up to 150 lbs. Capacity U.L. Listed Standard Duty — 75 lb. Maximum Capacity Length Standard Laminate Heavy Duty — 150 lb. Maximum Capacity Standard Laminate *Note:...

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Material Handling Electrical Channel Assemblies 20 Amp units require NEMA 20 Amp receptacles to accept plug. Will not plug into PDS/SES uprights. Part Number Textured Black Base Paint 36˝ Long Electrical Channel with three duplex outlets, on/off switch with pilot light, circuit breaker, and molded 8 ft. power cord. UL Listed. 15 Amp 20 Amp Trim Color MAS/SAS Isolation Screens Mounts between uprights to provide privacy. Available in two heights, 24˝ and 36˝. They provide an area to display drawings or other information. Length The Tool Trolley allows the operator to access air tools from above....

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