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Laminar Flow Workbenches - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Cleanroom Products Cleanroom Benches 5000 Series Cleanroom Benches Rolled Front Edge Cleanroom seal on the bottom surfaces Extrusive seals on leg extenders constructed with 1˝ x 3˝ all-welded tubular frame, 2˝ x 2˝ tubular steel legs and 1˝ x 3˝ tubular steel beams for maximum load 5000 Series is a knocked down (KD) design that when assembled has the same anti-contamination features as an all-welded frame. The worksurface is fully sealed (class 100) and the worksurface support frame is installed at the factory ensuring sealed attachment points. The new knocked down design includes mechanical adjustable height leg extenders with a tubing leg seal to prevent particle contamination. dust collecting areas on Standard Laminate the frames. The worksurface features 1-3/16˝ solid core industrial grade particle board and a choice of standard or ESD laminates. All tops are sealed, with standard laminate on the bottom.

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Cleanroom Products Isles AirClean Workstations Vertical Flow Stations Isles AirClean workstations are engineered and manufactured with attractive contemporary styling and the highest quality construction. Recommended for any Class 100 requirement that does not produce by-products that can contaminate the worker or production area. VFS workstations are quickly bolted together for fast, easy assembly. The worksurface height is infinitely adjustable along the support grooves to meet a wide range of heights. All worksurfaces include cleanroom seal. The versatility of the VFS allows them to be set...

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Cleanroom Products Isles AirClean Workstations – Cont. Horizontal Flow Stations Recommended for sterility testing, tissue culture studies, electronic parts assembly and any Class 100 requirement that does not produce by-product that can contanimate the worker or production area. Horizontal laminar airflow provides the ultimate in product protection, since the worker is always downstream of the work area. HFS Workstations ship fully assembled and semi-crated. HFS flow units are constructed with cold rolled steel for durability and finished with powder coating for long lasting performance. All worksurfaces...

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Isles AirClean Workstations Deliver Great Features! Cleanroom Products Apply to Both Vertical and Horizontal Models IAC tests all laminar flow units for cleanliness levels before they are shipped in accordance with ISO 14644-1 Class 5 standards. Fans: Are reverse curve impeller type, direct drive and balanced with static capacity up to 1.2 inches W.G. at rated flow. They are engineered to operate in their most efficient range for quiet, stable performance. Noise levels do not exceed 65 DBA. HEPA Filters: Are 99.99% DOP efficient on particles 0.5 micron and larger. Filters are replaceable. Variable...

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