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Dimension 4 Ergonomic Workstation - 56 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Features Modularity Custom design a configuration that adapts to your particular needs and/or space. Flexibility Workstation worksurfaces and accessories are independently adjustable to accommodate workers’ physical and individual needs; especially useful for multiple shifts. Efficiency Options Conveyors, ball transfers and other accessories enhance efficiency and productivity. ESD Options Static dissipative laminates, grounding systems and 180° rolled front edges ensure a static-safe working environment. Ergonomic Design Enhance adjustability by using swing arms, footrests, ball transfers and other options. UL UL Listed ® D4 Starter and Add-on units with PDS are UL Listed under Furniture UL 1286, File #E113928, Tested for Structure and Safety. D4 lighting fixtures are listed under Portable Task Lighting, UL 153, File #E162554. All D4 electrical channels are listed under Temporary Power Tap, UL 163, File #E173487.

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Our “Basic” units are available in Single-Sided or Double-Sided configurations and are easily customized to meet a company’s exact needs. And, with their intelligent design, Dimension 4 workstations can be quickly reconfigured any time your requirements change. The versatile Optimum module offers a curved 90° worksurface that is effective as a standalone workstation or as a corner addition to the basic Dimension 4 system, and provides useful work area in otherwise wasted space. Optimum workstations are special order only. As with all IAC products, Dimension 4 components are ergonomically designed...

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Endless Configurations Dimension 4 Workstations can be configured in an almost limitless fashion. They are ideal for setting up “U” configured manufacturing and assembly cells — one of the most effective shapes for space conservancy and manufacturing productivity. Get “Cornered” with Dimension 4 Dimension 4 workstations allow you to choose the way you turn a corner. Standard corner worksurface and shelf cleanly tie two perpendicular D4 workstation lines. Worksurfaces and shelves are available with either Standard or ESD laminates. To convert that same corner to a productive workstation, make use...

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Ideal for Electronic Production Dimension 4 workstations with slide rail options are the perfect solution for electronics production environments. Height adjustment addresses issues of ergonomics, multi-person use, and changing project requirements. Dimension 4 offers both manual and motorized worksurface adjustability as options. Adjustable Height With ESD Laminate and Personal Grounding Kits available, Dimension 4 workstations provide a safe environment for sensitive electronics.

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Introduction Customize with Accessories This glimpse at Dimension 4 accessories is just the tip of the iceberg. Dimension 4 workstations are the most versatile and highly configurable workstations available. Dozens of configuration choices make clean work of storage requirements. Uprights and End Panels With seven powder-coat paint colors, six laminate trim colors, more than a dozen fabric colors, and 15 different worksurface laminates, Dimension 4 workstations can be coordinated into any environment, and will satisfy any aesthetic taste. Tilt Top Surfaces Built in air service option Dimension...

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SES (Standard Electrical System) Supplies a single 15 amp electrical circuit in the upright of a single or double-sided workstation. When You Need An Electrical System • Offer conveniently located outlets • Integrate power into the workbench, which allows workers to perform more tasks at the workstation • Provide multi-location electrical options that aren’t normally found on other benches • Free up worksurface space • Reduce the potential for accidents because there are no cords hanging down Choosing An Electrical System PDS offers three independent 20 amp circuits, and SES offers a single 15-amp...

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Introduction PDS Electrical Upgrade B 7 Power Distribution System (PDS) Advantages • PDS and Dimension 4 workstations with PDS are UL tested for structure and safety. They are listed under Furniture UL 1286, File #E113928. • PDS is cost-effective. The only effort required by an electrician is to connect the power up cable to the power source, thereby reducing installation costs. • PDS accommodates both single — and double-sided stations. • PDS receptacles are located on the inside and outside of the uprights for accessibility. • PDS receptacles are flush with the uprights to facilitate accessory...

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B 8 PDS Interconnect Cables are used to connect the circuitry in one upright to the circuitry in another upright within a workstation, running under the worksurface. Each standard PDS starter unit and add-on unit includes its own interconnect cable. Separate 48˝ interconnect cables must be ordered for corner configurations. Bezel plates are decorative cover plates, which are placed around the outside of the receptacles and are attached to the upright trim panel. Planning Considerations When planning in-line stations, amperage requirements must be calculated and proximity to power sources considered...

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Introduction SES Electrical Upgrade B 9 Standard Electrical System (SES) SES supplies a single 15 amp electrical circuit in the uprights of a single – or – double-sided workstation. SES is pre-wired at the factory to eliminate the time and cost of on-site hard wiring. The advantage of SES is that the workstation is pre-wired with duplex receptacles in the uprights for ease of access. SES Components SES incorporates the following components (see Figure 2). Receptacles: Both uprights of a Dimension 4 starter unit with SES have standard 15 amp electrical receptacles (outlets) on the inside trim panel....

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B 10 Connectors: The right upright of a starter unit has a pre-wired connector to accept the power cord and the interconnect cord. The left upright has a connector for the other end of the interconnect cord. Interconnect cords: The interconnect cord is used to connect the circuit in one upright to the circuit in another upright within a single workstation, running under the worksurface. Interconnects are included with starter and add-on SES benches. Power cords: The power cord is first plugged into the upright, then into the power source. No wiring is required. Power cords are included with starter...

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