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Varitone Absorption Panels - 3 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

IAC Varitone® Panels A proven range of sound-absorbing modular panels for controlling noise and reducing reverberation inside buildings making the world a quieter place

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Typical Installation Details A Ideal for: Factory Interiors Airports Water Pumping Stations Bottling Plants Power Stations Nightclubs Music Rooms Test Facilities Varitone® rectangular, sound-absorbing modules reduce distracting echo or reverberation effects inside buildings. They create an acoustically softer, more pleasant ambience and improve speech intelligibility. Available in standard thickness's of 50 mm and 100mm, and in lengths of up to 3660mm, the panels may be suspended from ceilings or simply attached to walls. Manufactured from rugged, abuse and fire resistant 0.76mm galvanised steel,...

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