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Acoustic Construction Panels (Moduline - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Cmoduline*" new construction and renovation INDUSTRY • INSTITUTIONS • HEALTHCARE • SCHOOLS • UTILITIES • OFFICES architect: MBA/Architects and Planners owner: Phillip Morris Inc. y application: Integrated Acoustic Ceiling architect: Smith, Hinchman & Grylis owner: Ford Motor Company application: Blast-Relief Walls, Windows, and Doors

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building design moduline Moduline is a system of field proven and laboratory-tested modular components ideally suited for the construction of a large variety of acoustically treated spaces from simple offices to complex multi-story structures. All basic components — including wall and roof panels, doors, windows, and built-in silenced ventilation systems — integrate readily with each other to form a versatile, building block system which saves cost, weight, and space. Rollformed from a single length of steel, the IAC H-Joiner is strong enough to give Moduline structures loading strength of more...

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A Select the basic panel system which best meets your design criteria. B Prepare drawings showing overall sizes and locations of functional components such as doors, windows, and special access openings. Specify basic panel and door system, ventilation, structural, and other requirements. C Contact IAC for estimates and the answer to any questions. We will be pleased to assist with special details and specifications. ...in fifteen standard panel types and five basic panel configurations ABSORPTIVE ONE SIDE, SOLID OTHER SIDE STC: 40 to 57 SOLID BOTH SIDES STC: 51 to 62 ABSORPTIVE BOTH SIDES, SOLID...

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oduline-and • •. an unmatched combination of features Several factors must be considered for the control of the acoustical environment in any building: noise propagation and flanking paths; transmission loss characteristics of walls, ceilings, and floors; compatibility of windows and doors; the noise control of HVAC systems; hardware and trim. Other considerations include fire ratings, aesthetics, structural integrity, and the ability to meet specifications at minimum cost. Moduline’s complete range of pre-engineered components and IAC full service capabilities ensure that the architect and engineer...

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laboratory-rated, field proven certified noise control Moduline panels and doors are rated for sound transmission loss and sound-absorption coefficients in lAC’s Aero-Acoustic laboratory in accordance with applicable portions of ASTM Specifications E 90, E 413, and C 423. The built-in high sound absorption of Moduline components ensures that reverberant sound build-up is minimized, resulting in greater noise reduction. Moduline provides space, weight, and cost savings. Moduline thus offers major advantages over conventional masonry materials. Noise reduction ratings of typical Moduline enclosures...

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acoustical renovation Moduline components are ideal for improving the acoustics of an existing space either with noise-rated partitions, doors and windows, or with Noise-Foil™ or Varitone™ sound absorptive cladding. This specification covers the requirements for a building structure consisting of IAC Moduline panels and components as shown on the drawings and as manufactured by Industrial Acoustics Company, 1160 Commerce Avenue, Bronx, New York 10462. Panel Construction and Design 1. Wall, Ceiling, and Floor Panels shall be 4 in. (102mm) thick and fabricated of steel face sheets, framing members, and...

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INDUSTRIAL ACOUSTICS COMPANY is the foremost designer and manufacturer of noise control equipment and has been so engaged exclusively since 1949. Thousands of IAC acoustic structures and silencing systems are in use throughout the world. Most likely we have standard products or previously worked out solutions for your requirements. If not, our engineering and R&D departments have a proven record of solving special problems. e-mail: info@industrialacoustics.com fax: (718)-863-1138 website: www.industrialacoustics.com 718-931-8000 INDUSTRIU ACOUSTICS COMPANY 1160 Commerce Avenue, Bronx, New York...

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