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i-RED Process Spectrometer - 4 Pages

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i-RED Process Spectrometer
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Catalogue excerpts

Measurement directly in the process Industrial FTNIR spectrometer for in-line use under process conditions. A system optimized over many years with high stability, robustness and measuring speed. Modern FTNIR Spectrometer Instead of a gas laser, a semiconductor laser with stabilization electronics is used. Such an arrangement has a much longer service life and thus reduces the maintenance effort. Through the use of a monolithic interferometer, the optical assembly is simple and extremely durable. All computational operations, from the FFT to the realtime application of chemometric models, run on board (i.e. on system level). A PC is only required for model development. The spectrometer then works in a networked, intelligent and autonomous manner. The device has an integrated PLC for the control of multiplexers, pre-selection of measurement methods or for the implementation of project-specific control processes. The spectrometer directly communicates with your process control system via digital standard protocols of the process industry (e.g. CANopen). Process Spectrometer  Fourier transform near infrared (FTNIR) spectrometer  Laser diode as reference laser  Spectra calculation and chemometrics on system level  Chemometric modeling with MATLAB and Eigenvector PLS Toolbox i-RED Infrarot Systeme GmbH, Hafenstrasse 47-51, 4020 Linz, Austria, Tel.: +43 732 9015 5616, Mobil: +43 664 9219212, Web: www.i-red.at, Email: office@i-r

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Spectral range Spectral resolution Signal-to-noise ratio Data acquisition Up to 80 spectra per second Real-time chemometric data evaluation via dedicated DSP technology Measurement accessories High flexibility in probes and light sources Accessories are offered according to the customer’s measurement task TCP/IP for high-speed data transfer and remote control CANopen field bus interface for real-time data transmission OPC interface for integration into higher-level control systems 4 – 20 mA, Modbus, Profibus Digital I/O Remote support Direct network implementation allows for remote support, diagnostics...

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Service & Support > > > > > > Analysis of your production process How can you get more quality information in real time at critical points in your manufacturing process? Feasibility studies Preliminary examinations in the lab, pilot plant or time-limited test operation in your production plant Hardware Spectrometer (UV/VIS, FTNIR, FTIR), optical fibers, probes, development of specific hardware Software Automation, communication, visualization Chemometrics Multivariate data analysis & modeling Support Maintenance of hardware and software Professional personnel training Availability: 24h a day /...

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i-RED Applications liluminant Optical fiber Optical fiber > Assessment of concentrations Real-time analysis of complex material mixtures (liquid, solid, gaseous). > Chemical reactions Inline process monitoring of chemical reactions (e.g. esterification, nitration, chlorination, polymerization). > Solids and powders Inline quality control on films, fibers, food, pharmaceutical powders and ash. > Coatings Inline monitoring in paper, film and steel finishing. > Gases Inline analysis of process gases. > Colorimetry Inline color measurement of solid and liquid substances. Optical fiber Collection optics Illumination...

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