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Model 200 I-Mark Controller - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Model 200 I-Mark Controller The I-Mark controller is designed for easy integration. It features compact size and a selection of communications functions including: Serial, I/O, Modbus, and Ethernet IP. The standard controller is programmed with a customer provided PC using the I-Mark software. Using this same software the system may be monitored via a LAN. Upgrade options include an integrated PC, standard or touch screen monitor, and keyboard. NEMA 4 industrial enclosure 16" W x 12" H x 8" D (406 x 305 x 203 mm) (4) Mounting holes. Sixteen (16) 24vdc optically isolated digital I/O fully programmable with software for controlling external hardware devices to help save costs in automated applications. (8 inputs and 8 outputs) Binary select feature for selecting & executing up to 32 programs via the I/O Ethernet 10/100 BaseT communications for programming and integration into system network (can be used with static IP setup or in DHCP mode on a network) Machine protocols include: serial, I/O, Modbus, and Ethernet IP. I-Mark networkable motor drives for stepper or servo motor control with 10a peak motor output per axis. (Up to 4axis per controller) Digital current and servo loops with encoder for controlling servo motors Closed or open loop stepper motor control with micro stepping capability. Industrial Harting connectors for marking head Manual reset / E-stop featured as remote options in the I/O interface

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Model 200 I-Mark Controller Model 200 Controller How-to-Order To Order: Select only the symbols that represent the marker feature that is needed. Place that symbol in the sequence as shown. Model/Feature Symbol Example I-Mark Model 200 IM200 IM200Basic integration (std) Operator Station upgrade Basic Screen OS Touchscreen OT The Model IM200 basic integration controller is standard with the IM-ID and IM-IS I Series integration marking systems. Utilities: Electrical components require 110 VAC power, 6 ft (1.8m) electrical cord supplied Options: Basic integration model as shown is designed for seamless...

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