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Eco-Mark Laser Bench-top - 1 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Eco-Mark Laser Bench Top Basic bench-top laser station offers price competitive solution for low volume laser marking applications The CMT EcoMark-2 Watt Laser offers the very latest technology in laser marking equipment. The 2 watt laser machine will mark parts and materials that used to be possible only with a high powered laser machine. Includes: Laser Head Power Controls Benchtop stand Laptop computer Windows Software All required cables 2 safety glasses Features: High speed / precision galvanometer beam control 100mm F-Theta Focusing Lens for a 60mm x 60mm marking area 1064nm wave length diode-pumped laser source (internally fiber coupled) Q-switched operation CDRH Class IV level of manufacture Benchtop stand with manual Z axis height adjustment Laptop with laser marking software pre-installed and configured Focusing diode option for easy focal point setting (height setting) Power Supply Unit: 200 watt total power consumption, air cooled CDRH Class IV level of manufacture Input power: 100-240VAC, 2A 50/60 Hz CMT Custom Marking Software featuring: Windows based software with extremely easy operator interface Including drag and drop features for text, graphics, barcodes, circles and lines A Red diode tracing feature which displays an outline box for graphics and true trace for text enabling precise marking legend placement onto part prior to actually marking the part The ability to save part files complete with all marking parameters Marks any true-type font Full serialization, includes placeholders and fixed data prefix/suffix. UID compliant

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