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C-Series, Dot-Peen-Scribe - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

C-Series, Dot-Peen & Scribe Custom Solutions Versatile marking system offering both Dot-Peen and “Silent Scribe” marking in the same system. This ball screw drive system comes with either stepper drives offering up to 5 characters per second, or high speed servo drives offering up to 8 characters per second. The system controller offers the flexibility of DC start and mark complete signals, as well as serial and digital I/O communication. This system is UID/2D Square-Dot® Compatible. Complete marking unit for integration: Custom C-Series Marking head Model 200 I-Mark Controller I-Mark software for programming (details page 22) Power cable, Marking head cable, Cross over cable, and LAN cable The I-Mark-C Marking Head: Dot-Peen and scribe Air or electric pin control Selection of marking windows Marking speed selection: stepper motor – 5 characters per second, servo – 8 characters per second Ball screw drive Mountable in any orientation The I-Mark Model 200 controller: Compact design for easy installation into production equipment. Communication options including remote programming over LAN, and operational controls via I/O, Modbus, Serial, Ethernet IP ect. Touch screen/monitor upgrade and more details page 18 Options: Pedestal mount Upgrades: database and camera integration

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C-Series Dot-Peen & Scribe Custom Solutions C-Series Dot-Peen & Scribe How to Order To Order: Select only the symbols that represent the marker feature that is needed. Place that symbol in the sequence as shown. Model/Feature Symbol Example I-Mark Custom IMC IMC-60-ST-ES-ZE Window Size 60 (1.6” x 2.3” or 60 x 40mm) 150 (4” x 6” or 150 x 100mm) 300 (8” x 12” or 300 x 200mm) 500 (10” x 20” or 500 x 250mm) Speed/Drive SE (Servo) ST (Stepper) Head Style Electric Scribe (diamond scribe pin) Electric Peen (carbide pin) Air Scribe (diamond scribe pin) Air Peen (carbide pin) Z Axis Options Electric Z-40mm...

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C-Series Features Illustration of IMC-60STAPZE Envelope Dimensions – 9.5” x 9.5” x 7.5” (240 x 240 x 190mm) Stepper Motors – Marks up to (5) 1/8”, 3mm character per second Automatic Electric Z-Axis – able to mark on multi-level surfaces in one marking pass Ballscrew drives – Industrial ballscrew drive for precise dot placement, protected by bellows Illustration of IMC-150SEES00 Envelope Dimensions – 13.5” x 21” x 9.5” (340 x 535 x 240mm) Pneumatic Dot-peen Head – Carbide pin provides superior marking depth Servo Motors – Marks up to (8) 1/8”, 3mm character per second Ballscrew drives – Industrial...

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C-Series Automation Complete turn-key IM-C station to mark brake calipers with operator card scanner and palm button cycle start Helping you make your mark! More custom solutions at IM-C bench top system marking a wide variety of aeronautical parts with rotator and automatic air chuck for quick marking, loading and unloading of round parts IM-C complete turn-key station for marking keys Columbia Marking Tools provides complete machine design and build services to fully integrate and install custom systems.

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