I-MAK Brochure 2015 - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Global Vision in Product Technology Une vision globale des technologies de production GEARBOX & VARIATOR CORPORATION / MOTOREDUCTEURS

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/S\ " JL# f ® We Widen Your Motion Area.. m*a MBK. Notre Technique au Service de Votre Dynamisme.. GEARBOX & VARIATOR CORPORATION / MOTOREDUCTEURS i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^i^M La passion au centre de notre metier For 42 years, we are animated with the same passion for mechanical engineering and solution providing for our customers. I-Mak is specialized in the development and production of a large range of gearboxes and industrial solutions. Based in Istanbul, l-Mak benefit from a 42 years experience and a 16.000 m2 factory. In addition, of being one of the...

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GEARBOX & VARIATOR CORPORATION / MOTOREDUCTEURS We Widen Your Motion Area. Notre Technique au Service de Voire Dynamisme.. Type Torque(Max) Shaft Diameter Couple (Max) Diametre de Nibre de sortie Speed Range / Vitesse ApplicableMotorPower/ Puissance Moteur Applicable

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Since 1973 We Are Producing Powerful Solutions... Partenaire de votre dynamisme depuis 1973... GEARBOX & VARIATOR CORPORATION / MOTOREWCTEURS Speed Range / Vitesse Puissance Moteur Applicable I Applicable Motor Power

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Simplified installation and perfect adaptation for heavy and complex tasks

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