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HiMSEN Engine - 50 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Q) www.hhi.co.kr www.hyundai-engine.com better future- Global Leader www.hyundai-engine.com HiMSEN Engine Hi-touch Marine & Stationary ENgine IMOTier II Programme2012 Marine & Offshore GenSets 2 Marine Propulsion System 01 Stationary GenSets Ao;o8-i2bJAN.20 2 " / HYUNDAI ENGINE & MACHINERY Contents subject to change without pnor notice. HE«mNDusiiuEsco..im

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Key to Components HYUNDAI-HiMSEN (D 1 01 1 Common base frame 14 Lub.oil priming pump 2 Rsilient mounting 15 Lub.oil pump 3 Engine block 16 Lub.oil cooler 4 Cylinder liner 17 Lub.oil filter 5 Flywheel cover 18 Cooling water pump 6 Crank case cover 19 Intake air duct 7 Cylinder head 20 Turbocharger 8 Rocker arm 21 Air cooler 9 Camshaft 22 Engine control panel 10 Piston 23 Fuel pump cover 11 Connecting rod 24 Exhaust gas pipe 12 Crankshaft 25 Alternator 13 Counter weight HYUNDAI 3 I! IMS EN Engine Hi-touch arine& tationary ENgine t* O 1 3 03 i 5" 3 04 05

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O fl> 3 fl> eu Earth-Friendly Engine Earth-Friendly Engine HYUNDAI-HiMSEN HYUNDAI-HiMSEN HiMSEN Family^^^^^^V Design Philosophy Hyundai's HiMSEN Family have simple and smart design suitable for marine applications with high reliability and performance. The key features are: Heavy Fuel Engine with same fuel of main engine (Uni-Fuel concept). Hence, the diesel fuel and heavy fuel oil of the viscosity of upto 700 cSt at 50 °C is acceptable. * o -» 3 03 i O 3 ח* O 3 03 i O 3 Economical and Ecological Engine with low fuel consumption, NOx emission, and Smoke, etc. , which is based on the below specific...

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Earth-Friendly Engine HYUNDAI-HiMSEN HYUNDAI-HiMSEN arth-Friendly Engine Main Features Performance characteristics - High output in the similar range engines - Low fuel oil consumption - Quick acceleration & load response Maintenance - Easier maintenance by modularized design - Minimal number and kind of components Earth-friendly engine - Low NOx emissions - Compliance with IMO NOx Tier II - Low vibration & noise FPSO Drill ship Major Application Marine - Propulsion system - Generating sets Offshore - Drill ship -FPSO Stationary - Stationary diesel power plants - Packaged power stations - Gas...

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Introduction HYUNDAI-HiMSEN HYUNDAI-HiMSEN ngine Operation This programme provides necessary information and recommendations for the application of HYUNDAI's HiMSEN engines. 'HiMSEN'® is the registered brand name of HYUNDAI's own design engine and the abbreviation of 'Hi-touch Marine & Stationary ENgine' Please note that all data and information prepared in this programme are for guidance only and subject to change without notice. Therefore, please contact Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. before actual applications of the data. Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. will always provide the data...

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Engine Opration HYUNDAI-HiMSEN HYUNDAI-HiMSEN ngine Operation Engine Power The engine brake power is stated in kW. For conversion between kW and metric horsepower, please note that 1 bhp = 75 kg-m/s = 0.7355 kW. Ratings are given according to ISO 3046/1:2002, ISO 15550:2002. Continuous Load-Up The quickest way to load-up from 0 % to 100 % load can be achieved by increasing the load continuously and gradually. In case of HR(Higher Rating) version, no overload is permissible except for 10 % overload during officiai factory test. Considering the time required for stabilizing the frequency deviation...

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Engine Opration HYUNDAI-HiMSEN HYUNDAI-HiMSEN ngine Operation to D to 03 Information for Fuel oil control by EU Directive 2005-33-EC and California Code of Regulations All HiMSEN engines are suitable and developed for continuous opration on HFO as well as MDO/MGO. There is no lower limit for the sulfur content of fuel oil. In connection to the low viscosity of MGO, (Marine Gas Oil, DMA as defined in ISO 8217) the viscosity at engine inlet should be kept within the value of 2 ~ 14 cSt in order to avoid possible wear or sticking of fuel injection pump due to low lubricity and in order to maintain...

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Ci (0 D to 03 Engine Opration HYUNDAI-HiMSEN HYUNDAI-HiMSEN ngine Opration IMO NOx EMISSION AND HiMSEN ENGINES Annex VI of the MARPOL 73/78 convention entered into force 12 May 2005. All HiMSEN engines included in this booklet comply with the NOx Limits specified in the IMO regulation. The exhaust emission regulations in Annex VI were referred to as IMO Tier I, MARPOL Annex VI regulations were amended at the MEPC (Marine Environment Protection Committee) in October 2008. These specify further NOx emission limits to be known as IMO Tier II and Tier III. IMO Tier II regulations were entered into...

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Engine Opration HYUNDAI-HiMSEN HYUNDAI-HiMSEN ngine Operation (D D (D 03 Optimized combustion The NOx mission can be reduced by the combustion control technologies with the optimum combination of the piston bowl shape and the fuel injection valve nozzle etc. The piston bowl shape and the fule injection valve nozzle's specification are optimized to meet the IMO Tier II regulation, which are evaluated by 3-D combustion analysis and verified by the measurement at HiMSEN Techno Center. HYUNDAI ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES against IMO Tier III as one of solutions HD NoNOxTM SCR (SELECTIVE CATALYTIC REDUCTION)...

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Marine & Offshore GenSets for Tier II Power Range H25/33 1,440-2,970 kW H25/33V 4,080-6,800 kW H32/40 3,000-4,500 kW H32/40V 6,000-10,000 kW HYUNDAI 3 llMSEM Hi-touch Marine & tationary ENgine y? 3- O T rt) fl> 3 n> ^+ 21

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Marine & Offshore GenSets HYUNDAI-HiMSEN HYUNDAI-HiMSEN Marine & Offshore GenSets Bore: 170 mm, Stroke: 210 mm Main Data Bore: 170 mm, Stroke: 210 mm < Dimensions Speed 1500 rpm 1800 rpm 1500 cyl. Dimension (mm) Dry Mass (ton) Frequency 50 Hz 60 Hz rpm A H Engine 2) GenSetu. 3) Eng. kW Gen. kW Eng. kW Gen. kW 12 2,200 2,050 4,250 2,100 6.7 13.2 12H17/21V 1,680 1,613 1,920 1,843 16 2,600 2,050 4,650 2,100 8.0 15.2 16H17/21V 2,240 2,150 2,560 2,458 18 2,800 2,680 5,480 2,100 8.9 16.8 18H17/21V 2,520 2,419 2,880 2,765 20 3,100 2,680 5,780 2,100 9.8 18.0 20H17/21V 2,800 2,688 3,200 3,072 1800 cyl....

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