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High Power Hydraulic Jack - 1 Pages

the construction industry for a multitude of applications, such as, lifting heavy structures, transferring existing loads to temporary or permanent supports and permanently preloading bridge bearings. Due to their design, they are not only light in weight but require a minimal installation gap or just a few centimetres. When selecting a jack, the ideal working range should be about 75% of the flat jacks capacity.
advantages of flat-jacks
Very slim section Light and easy to handle Low crushing forces
flexible hoses
Can be installed permanently
hand pump
Load can be monitored Inflation is accurately controlled
temporary installation
Simultaneous loading of large sets
When flat jacks are installed temporarily, they should be inflated using high pressure hydraulic pumping 35mm closed with 25mm stroke equipment supplied by Hydra-Capsule Ltd. The jack should be inserted leaving ample clearance to
allow for packing shims, steel thrust plates are also used as it might be necessary to attached extraction devices for ease of removal upon completion of their operation, depending on the application.
If the flat jacks are to be installed in-between uneven or out of parallel surfaces, they should be inserted complete with thrust plates, wedged to the required position and epoxy or grout beds cast to provide an even bearing area (small amounts of out-of-parallel are acceptable as the jack will open to suit). Once the flat jacks circuit has been connected to the pump, it is a comparatively simple operation to inflate them. However, if there are a number of jacks in one circuit, visual or electronic observation should be adopted to ensure that they are expanding uniformly.
jt injection system
When flat jacks are installed permanently, the procedure is similar to temporary installation except that a different pumping system is adopted. Once installed, they are inflated using a high pressure injection system, epoxy resin or grout can be injected, but grout is normally recommended in order to meet the current day fire regulations.
Its essential that these operations are carried out quickly and efficiently and we would therefore strongly recommend that our experienced Engineers carry out such operations as mistakes can prove to be expensive. We offer a full flat jacking design, manufacturing and installation service throughout the UK and Europe.
With over twenty years experience and hundreds of jacking contracts, Hydra-Capsule Ltd take pride in providing a professional service and maintaining good working relationships with all our customers, providing helpful advice, technical support and on-site back up, forfurther information please contact us.
TEL: +44 (0) 1885 490 405 FAX: +44 (0) 1885 490 710
Hydra-Capsule Limited - Hydra House - Bishops Frome Worcestershire - WR6 5BP - UK www.hydra-capsule.com
email: sales@hydra-capsule.com
flat jack
injection cylinder
High Power Hydraulic Jack
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