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Catalogue excerpts

Products – Solutions – Service Global Presence WASTE WATER Solutions WASTE WATER Solutions

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Tradition Quality Innovation

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Future Needs the Past We have a common vision as to how to shape the future together – the future of our Company, the future of the environment and that of water and wastewater. In the light of these tasks we rely on our staff’s expertise and skills, and their commitment not only to make use of their knowledge but to continuously broaden the scope of their abilities. Backed by many years of Company tradition, we are prepared to shape the long-term approach for future development . of our staff . of our clients “Paths are made by walking.” Franz Kafka WASTE WATER Solutions Johann Schreiber Copper...

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We Feel Committed to Environment

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Water is Life The United Nations proclaimed 2005 through 2015 the International Decade for Action ‘Water for Life’ to bring the worldwide problems linked with water and sustainable use of water to the forefront of the public’s attention. We recognize that we cannot solve water problems throughout the world but are determined to make our contribution towards offering appropriate concepts and products which help to get nearer to achieving the goals of the Water Decade. We also know that water and energy are closely connected. Due to the necessity to reduce climatedamaging emissions and the finite...

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Staff Motivation and Commitment: Team Spirit at HUBER The Human Factor as the Centrepiece

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Skilled Staff Provide for Expertise and Know-How As a result of the multitude of tasks that we feel committed to accomplish the most diverse knowledge is demanded from each member of our staff including our craftsmen´s work. Our staff’s expertise across all these disciplines is both the foundation and guarantee for the quality of our services and products. Our success is based on their commitment and dedication to meet the highest expectations that our customers have a right to demand and expect from us and it is that which we are ready to fulfil. With a view to better serve our customers’ needs,...

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Every Part of Business in Our Hands

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“Nothing Endures but Change” – This describes our continuous striving for the optimal orientation of our company, organization, workflows and product development. The world around us is subject to continuous change as ecological, economic, social and legal conditions are further developing and with them the customers’ requirements and demands. To serve these needs, innovations and creative ideas are necessary combined with the readiness and knowhow to successfully implement such novel concepts. We are ready to rise to this challenge and adapt our internal processes in terms of efficiency and effectiveness,...

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A Complete Range of Products, Solutions and Services

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Products and Solutions for the Treatment of Water, Wastewater and Sludge WASTE WATER SOLUTIONS We are aiming to offer products designed to provide the highest level of value for our clients and the environment as we have and wish to present solutions for our customers that come from a single source with singular responsibility. The foundation for the efficiency of our products is laid in the development phase and it is the combination of latest production machinery in conjunction with a global sales network, and worldwide service to ensure long-term functional reliability of our products, that...

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HUBER Quality – Proven in Practice Mechanical Wastewater Treatment

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As any further step of sewage treatment is built on mechanical wastewater treatment, we focus on each of its aspects. Our range of machines for wastewater treatment encompasses almost every flow rate and a vast variety of bar spacings which copes with the requirements of almost every separation capacity, including fine screening which is a necessity for today’s membrane technology. These machines are used within inflow arrangements of sewage treatment plants as well as in storm-water constructions (storm screening) with overflow arrangements. Their fields of application are . municipal and industrial...

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Optimum Performance – At All Times Sludge Treatment

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Sludge treatment is a key issue in the overall context of wastewater technology. The more wastewater is treated worldwide, the more sewage sludge will be generated that needs to be treated and disposed of. The requirements sewage sludge treatment systems have to meet depend on the specific ways and methods of sludge disposal applied, which differ from country to country and even from region to region. Our aim is to provide our clients with complete solutions from a single source and to offer a programme which covers all steps of sludge treatment. Our products and solutions for sludge screening...

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Wastewater Reuse Plays a Crucial Role in Solving Global Water Problems Advanced Wastewater Treatment

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To reuse purified water, to make economic use of fresh water and thus to protect the environment also calls for the development of relevant technologies and their optimization to suit the requirements of every day use. Traditional but enhanced sedimentation tanks come along with efficient filtration plants which already enable optimum flow qualities and thus provide the foundation for a safe drinking water supply and advanced wastewater treatment. Nitrification and denitrification in sand filters as well as phosphorus elimination further complete the programme. Membrane bioreactors represent a...

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Innovative Wastewater Treatment Systems in Small Sewage Treatment Plants for Individual Rural Settlements and Small Municipalities Decentralized Wastewater Treatment

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Our Target is a Conscientious and Sustainable Approach to Wastewater Treatment – Small Sewage Treatment Plants The connection of individual rural settlements or small municipalities to centralized wastewater treatment plants involves high building costs for sewers. We have developed solutions for decentralized wastewater treatment that permit the reuse of treated wastewater directly at the source of generation. Our programme offers complete and certified plants for different flow rates and clarification requirements. These reliable and easy-to-operate plants protect our water and environment....

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