Vibration Meter Kit - 3 Pages

Vibration Meter Kit
Models VM110 and VM120
The Model VM110 Vibration Meter is a battery powered, portable instrument designed to accept any MA Series accelerometer, to enable vibration measurements to be taken. The meter is capable
of providing RMS and peak measurements of acceleration, velocity and displacement. A switch for filtering high frequencies is provided. dc and ac output via a D-type socket is available for logging or for further signal analysis.
• Hand held
• LCD display
• Battery powered
• Velocity and displacement output
• ac or dc output
• Designed to work with constant current accelerometers
• Low pass filter reduces wide-band noises

Vibration Meter Kit
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    2 Honeywell • Sensing and ControlModels VM110 and VM120PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONSCharacteristicMeasureAcceleration2 G, 20 G, 200 GVelocity range2...
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    Sensing and ControlAutomation and Control SolutionsHoneywell1985 Douglas Drive NorthGolden Valley, MN 55422
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