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FF-LS Series • Industrial Safety Products • 111
• The information presented in this product sheet (or catalogue) is for reference only. DO NOT USE this document as system
installation information.
• Complete installation, operation and maintenance information is provided in the instructions supplied with each product.
Failure to comply with these instructions could result in death or serious injury.
FF-LS30 Series
Type 4 miniature light curtain,
30 mm / 1.18 in resolution
Designed for the protection of operators work stations
• Meets applicable parts of US OSHA 29
CFR 1910.217, 1910.212 and ANSI
B11.1, B11.2, B11.19 1990 and RIA
15.06 regulations for Control Reliability
• EC type examination certificate granted
by the TÜV
• Designed in compliance with the IEC/EN
61496 - parts 1 & 2 for Type 4
Electrosensitive Protective Equipment
(permanent self-checking equipment)
• Through-scan small profile sensing unit
with separate control unit
• Minimum object detection capability:
ø30 mm / 1.18 in suitable for hands
• Scanning range: from 0,2 m up to 3,5 m/
0.65 ft to 11.48 ft
• Protection heights: from 236 mm up to
1804 mm / 9.29 in up to 71.07 in
• Global response time: less than 50 ms
• Power supply voltage: 24 Vac/dc
• Outputs: 2 guided contacts safety relays
• Test input
• Automatic restart or start & restart
• Sealing: IP 65 (sensing units and control
• Immunity to ambient light: 50 000 Lux
• Paper-cutting machines
• Pick-and-place robots
• Light electronic assemblying machines
• Good lifts
• Small carousels
The FF-LS equipment is an infrared multibeam device designed to protect operators
working on dangerous machines. The FF-LS equipment features are ideal for the
protection of work stations on small machines such as paper-cutting machines or
pick-and-place robots.
The permanent self-checking electronic process is based upon a microprocessor
technology and meets the requirement of the IEC/EN 61496- parts 1 & 2 European
standards for Type 4 electrosensitive protective equipment.
It has been examined by the TÜV who granted the EC type examination certificate.
The equipment consist of a pair of sensing units connected to a separate control
unit via a RS-485 connection.
Each sensing unit is made of a row of emitting circuits alternating with receiving
circuits. These circuits are housed in an extremely small aluminium extruded profile:
the cross section is only 12 mm x 19,7 mm / 0.47 in x 0.77 in.
The two sensors are matched to each other by individual coding to reduce risk of
cross talk with other light curtains and to improve immunity to welding splashes.
The control unit supplies the sensing units, controls the correct operation of the
scanning circuits and transmits the resulting commands to the machine control
circuitry through its two relay outputs.
The equipment can operate according to two different mode: the automatic mode,
the start & restart interlock mode.
In addition, the control unit is featured with a test input to trigger the output relays
switching and thus check the correct operation of the final switching devices whenever
needed. In case of failure, the control unit provides optical and acoustic signals
to ease failure diagnostic.
Type 4
per pr EN 50100 - 1/2
Approved as

Type 4 miniature light curtain,
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