Model 366 Low Range Torque Watch Gauge Series - 2 Pages

Model 366
The 366 low range torque watch gage series accurately measures
very low torque. Three miniature adapter chucks allow simple
coupling to the device being measured. To minimize friction, a calibrated spring, shaft, and pointer assembly are mounted in jeweled bearings. The unit can measure torque in either a clockwise
or counterclockwise direction. A stainless steel internal rotation stop helps prevent damage from over-torque up to three times the normal range.
• 0.2 gm-cm to 42 gm-cm [0.003 in-oz to 0.6 in-oz] capacities
• 5 % (366-0) and 10 % (366-2, 366-3) accuracy
• Three miniature adapter chucks available
• Dial indication (standard)
• Overload protection
Low Range Torque Watch Gauge Series

Model 366 Low Range Torque Watch Gauge Series
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