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Bright Ideas. Brilliant Performance. For common to complex application or custom-engineered off-highway lighting, trust Honeywell Sensing and Control (S&C). Each light is designed to excel in the most rugged environments, withstanding shock, vibration or extreme-weather condition. We also offer a wide variety of sizes, beam patterns, mounting configurations — critical built-in features for full-line flexibility.
From agricultural and heavy construction equipment to recreational, marine, and factory vehicles — virtually any off-road application — application expertise and process-
Halogen & HID Marine Lamp Series.
Features: Completely weatherproof
• Compact size • Shock resistant housing can withstand up to 6 G of vibration
• Stainless steel hardware • Sealed beam construction • Flood pattern illuminates an area 80° wide by 30° long • Spot pattern projects a narrow beam of light up to
1000 ft
Benefits: Totally sealed against moisture ingress. Stainless steel hardware prevents rust and corrosion while the borosilicate glass lens resists cracking and warpage preventing distortion and lens discoloration. Potential applications include engine-compartment lighting, deck lighting, emergency lighting, shrimp and fishing boats, off-shore oil rigs, ocean vessels, barges, dry-dock lighting, freighters and tankers, and pleasure craft.
Lighting and Lamps Line Guide
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High Intensity Discharge (HID) Marine Lamp Series.
Features: Completely weatherproof
• Significantly more efficient • Produces nearly four times more light output than a standard halogen lamp • Shock resistant housing • No filament
Benefits: Lasts up to six-times longer than standard halogen lights. Features an internal electronic bulb/igniter/ballast system for maximum component protection and simplified installation. Potential applications include deck lighting, emergency lighting, shrimp and fishing boats, off-shore oil rigs, ocean vessels, barges, dry-dock lighting, freighters and tankers, and pleasure craft.
Custom Designs.
Honeywell is an essential source for reliable electromechanical and diversified components throughout the world. A major reason is the close relationships developed with our customers. Because of these established relationships, many customers have asked us to develop products beyond our existing product line. Products are developed using our Rapid Development Processes.
Unique shapes, sizes, fits, and/or finishes are standard for us. No matter how rugged or challenging the application, all our custom lighting products will take shock, vibration, and other extreme service conditions in stride. Custom lighting may be designed for a number of potential applications, including off-highway vehicles, agricultural and construction equipment, industrial, and marine.
driven engineering means enhanced performance, extended productivity and increased safety. With a product lineup including:
• Halogen swivel mount lamps
• Replacement sealed beams
• Composite halogen lights
• Round halogen lamps
• Portable work lamps
• High-intensity discharge lamps
• Halogen marine lamps
• Custom vehicle lighting

Lighting and Lamps Line Guide
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    Custom DesignsTypeCustom designed lights improve aestheticsfor OEM equipment. Honeywell’s robust design features are included to meet customer specifications....
  3. P. 3 3HID Work LightsRectangular LampRectangular LampPAR 36 Round LampTyperectangular halogen swivel mountrectangular halogen swivel...
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    HALOGEN WORK/DRIVING LIGHTSRectangular Lamps.Features: Highly efficient lighting patterns • Sealed to the environment • Often resistant to...
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