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The key to industry leadership. Honeywell Sensing and Control
(S&C) passive keyless sensors are built to offer enhanced
response times, reduced power consumption and flexible
position and placement options. Based on optical technology,
this sensor detects the obstruction of an optical beam before
hanging and pulling the door handle.
Keyless Entry Sensors
Line Guide
In essence, it can anticipate a hand grabbing the door handle,
then wake the identification unit of a passive entry security
system. What’s more, Honeywell S&C not only offers unique
design flexibility, but also delivers a superior performing sensor
— including industry-leading responsiveness (< 3.5 ms) and low
power usage (< 300 mA).
Keyles Entry Sensors
Keyless Access Sensor.
Features: Coded communication
• Memorizes personal settings of interior
features (seats, mirrors, radio, and air
conditioning) • Central locking signal
• Back up features include mechanical
lock and key (vehicle access) as well as
a transponder (vehicle start) • Attractive
decoration and design of identifier
replaces traditional key • Uses 3D low
frequency/radio frequency communication
technique • Functions include remote
lighting and door-by-door unlocking
Benefits: Fast, safe and convenient
vehicle access and engine starting. No
keys needed. User only needs identifier to
operate system. Easy automatic operation
with minimal manual effort required.
Reduced range around vehicle (2 m [6 ft])
provides enhanced vehicle security. Visual
and audible signals confirm vehicle is fully
locked and secure. Applicable to wide
range of vehicles including all passenger
cars, MPVs, and SUVs.
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Keyless Entry Sensors Line Guide
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    Keyless Access SensorPower supply 9 Vdc to 24 VdcPower consumption <300 mAResponse time <3.5 msOperating temperature 30 °C to 80 °C [86...
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