HIH-4000 Series Humidity Sensors - 8 Pages

HIH-4000 Series
Humidity Sensors
The HIH-4000 Series Humidity Sensors are designed
specifically for high volume OEM (Original Equipment
Manufacturer) users.
Direct input to a controller or other device is made possible by
this sensor’s near linear voltage output. With a typical current
draw of only 200 ìA, the HIH-4000 Series is often ideally
suited for low drain, battery operated systems.
Tight sensor interchangeability reduces or eliminates OEM
production calibration costs. Individual sensor calibration data
is available.
The HIH-4000 Series delivers instrumentation-quality RH
(Relative Humidity) sensing performance in a competitively
priced, solderable SIP (Single In-line Package).
Available in two lead spacing configurations, the RH sensor is
a laser trimmed, thermoset polymer capacitive sensing
element with on-chip integrated signal conditioning.
The sensing element's multilayer construction provides
excellent resistance to most application hazards such as
wetting, dust, dirt, oils and common environmental chemicals.
• Molded thermoset plastic housing
• Near linear voltage output vs % RH
• Laser trimmed interchangeability
• Low power design
• Enhanced accuracy
• Fast response time
• Stable, low drift performance
• Chemically resistant
• Refrigeration equipment
• HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
• Medical equipment
• Drying
• Metrology
• Battery-powered systems
• OEM assemblies

HIH-4000 Series  Humidity Sensors
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    HIH-4000 Series2 www.honeywell.com/sensingTABLE 1. PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS (At 5 Vdc supply and 25 ºC [77 ºF] unless otherwise noted.)Parameter...
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    Humidity SensorsHoneywell Sensing and Control 3FIGURE 1. OPERATING ENVIRONMENT (Non-condensing environment.)Relative HumidityFIGURE 2. STORAGE ENVIRONMENT...
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    HIH-4000 Series4 www.honeywell.com/sensingFIGURE 3. TYPICAL OUTPUT VOLTAGE VS RELATIVE HUMIDITY (At 25 ºC and 5 V.)0.511.522.533.540 20 40 60 80 100Relative...
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    Humidity SensorsHoneywell Sensing and Control 5FIGURE 5. HIH-4000 SERIES MOUNTING DIMENSIONS (For reference only. mm/[in])12,70 MIN.[0.50]8,59[0.338]1,27[0.050]...
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    HIH-4000 Series6 www.honeywell.com/sensingFIGURE 6. TYPICAL APPLICATION CIRCUITORDER GUIDECatalog Listing DescriptionHIH-4000-001 Integrated circuit humidity...
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