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HG1171 Series
6DF Inertial Measurement
The HG1171 Series is a six degrees of freedom (6DF) inertial
measurement unit (IMU) that senses rotation rate about the
roll, pitch and yaw axes (X, Y and Z axes) and acceleration
along the longitudinal, lateral and vertical axes (X, Y and Z
axes, see Figure 1 on page 2). This product is designed for
enhanced accuracy of tracking and monitoring of
vehicle/platform (up/down, left/right, forward/backward) in a
hard mounted configuration.
It provides key data for automated steering and vehicle
controls, freeing the operator to focus on machine functions,
one of the main reasons customers use IMUs.
The HG1171 contains high performance MEMS (Micro
Electromechanical Systems) rotation rate sensors
(gyroscopes), whose function is based on the physical
properties of the Coriolis effect, as well as enhanced precision
integrated accelerometers for each axis.
High speed CAN bus (2.0 A or B) provides cost-effective, highintegrity
serial data communications bus for real-time control
applications operating at data rates up to 1 Mbit/s. This
capability allows enhanced error detection and confinement.
KWP (Keyword Protocol) is used for self-test, health reporting,
software loading and related tasks. KWP 2000 (or ISO14230)
is a defined protocol for monitoring health and status of a unit
on a CAN bus (primary use is for off-vehicle test equipment). It
supports high speed IMU flashing for re-reprogramming.)
Customization of I/O timing, CAN labels, connectors, and other
parameters allows the customer to specify changes in the IMU
so it more readily fits into existing architecture on vehicle.
A temperature sensor in each rotation rate sensor provides a
temperature value to the processing module where the
samples are filtered and compensated. This information allows
the customer’s system to perform over a wide temperature
The tough metal housing is often ideal for demanding
environments. The user may mount the product on the vehicle
frame outside the cabin, anywhere an IMU is needed.
• 3-dimensional rotation rate and acceleration outputs (roll,
pitch, yaw)
• High speed CAN bus
• Broad dynamic range
• Low noise
• High resolution
• Customizable
• Enhanced temperature performance
• Tough metal housing
Vehicle stability control systems on:
• Agricultural equipment such as tractors and harvesters to:
- Provide motion control feedback (attitude/accleration) for
leveling cutting blades, planters, tillers and other
equipment when on slopes or hills
- Improve automated steering capabilities by providing
rotational rate change data to vehicle controls
- Smooth GPS data (position and velocity) for use in high
accuracy planting/tilling
• Construction equipment such as excavators, trucks, forestry
equipment, loaders and graders to:
- Improve operator awareness relative to equipment loading
and extension envelopes on cranes and material/
telescopic handlers
- Provide real time stability control in rugged and steep
- Provide active depth and angle control for graders
- Provide motion compensation in GPS-guided automated

HG1171 Series 6DF Inertial Measurement Unit
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