General Purpose Accelerometer
Model JTF
The JTF accelerometers offer three mounting choices to meet specific application requirements. The sensing technique for these accelerometers is based on piezoresistive technology. Frequency response extends down to dc. Hermetic construction of the JTF Series provides dependable performance in harsh industrial environments. The case material is non-magnetic from either anodized aluminum or stainless steel which provides low
magnetic field susceptibility. Our standard in-line amplifiers and Instrumentation may be used with the JTF Series accelerometers.
The screw mount model can be supplied with an optional triaxial mounting block, allowing for more than one accelerometer
to be used.
• 0 Hz operation
• Easy calibration
• Low impedance
• Screw, bolt, or stud mounting options
• mV/G output
• Can run at 0 Hz
• Low magnetic field due to case material
Model JTF
Bolt Mount
Model JTF
Screw Mount
Model JTF
Stud Mount

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    2 Honeywell • Sensing and ControlModel JTFPERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONSCharacteristicMeasureDynamic range±5 G to 200 G (peak G)SensitivitySee range...
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