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Hoist Liftruck Mfg., Inc. engineers and manufactures heavy-duty forklifts ranging incapacity from 6.7 tons to 50 tons for a wide range of industries including concrete,paper, steel, aluminum, marina and automotive. Hoists 200,000 square foot
headquarters in Bedford Park, Illinois houses its manufacturing, parts, service andadministrative operations. Hoist is the largest manufacturer of cushion-tire forklifts, which include the >

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TitanSeries (18,000-22,000 pounds), FKS Series (23,000-100,000 pounds) and LazerElectric Series (15,000-100,000 pounds). Hoist is also a leader in pneumatic-tireforklifts, which include the P-Series (22,000-100,000 pounds) and the NeptuneMarina Series (15,000-52,000 pounds). HoistҒs vast knowledge of the materials handling industry goes back to the late1800s with the acquisition of Elwell-Parker and has strengthened with Schreck and
Autolift. Learning the roots and evolution of materials handling engineering andconstruction has helped Hoist to stay ahead of the curve in producingtechnologically advanced and reliable forklifts today. Hoist forklifts are designed for
superior operator comfort, maneuverability and durability. Hoist continues to build
on its success by researching and engineering its forklifts to meet the mostdemanding applications, while increasing operator comfort.Hoist prides itself on having its manufacturing, parts, service and administrativeoperations under one roof. The facility is divided up into several departments,providing the most efficient assembly process possible, including a partsmanufacturing department featuring eight CNC machines.
Hoist evolved from humble beginnings. In 1980, Marty Flaska started ForkliftExchange from his house in the western suburbs of Chicago, specializing in buy-ing, selling and renting material han-
dling equipment. Over the nextdecade, the company grew tremen-dously, and in 1994, Flaska acquiredthe rights to build cushion-tire forkliftsfrom Brooklyn, New York-based Silent
Hoist and Crane. Moving the businessto Addison, Illinois, Flaska trans-formed Silent Hoist and Crane intoHoist Liftruck Mfg., Inc. In a few years,Hoist became the preferred vendor for high-capacity cushion-tire forklifts for the
automotive, steel and aluminum industries.In 1998, Hoist moved its operations to its current location in Bedford Park, Illinois toaccommodate its expansion, with Hoist acquiring Cleveland, Ohio-based Elwell-Parker in 2000, and Bucyrus, Ohio-based Schreck and Autolift in 2001. - Steel Receiving- Welding- Blast Cabinet- Painting
- Assembly- Quality Control- Test Area
- Small Machine Shop- Shipping/Receiving- Parts- Engineering- Sales- After-market- Warranty- Marketing >
Titan SeriesFKS SeriesNeptune SeriesP-Series While other companies take at least 16 weeks to deliver an order, Hoist candeliver its core product line in 8 WEEKS . Hoi s t understands that time is valuableand having a new liftruck available for operation is crucial.That time is also valuable when parts or service is needed, with companies losingmoney with each hour of downtime. Hoist strives to reduce that downtime byproviding parts and service support 24 HOURS ADAY . From small electricalcomponents to complete drive lines and mast assemblies in its inventory, Hoist candeliver parts quick and in most cases the SAME DAY . Hoist also has a WORLDWIDE DEALER NETWORK that keeps a majority of its replacement partsin stock for immediate pick up or delivery, as well as technicians to assist with pre-ventative maintenance and repairs.Hoist is focused on not only building relationships, but also maintaining them. Frominitial contact to however long you own a forklift, Hoist will be available to serve the
needs of its customers. Hoist is focused on educating customers on what to look
for in a forklift in specific applications, and meeting with customers to evaluate sites
and their needs. Hoist...taking your products to greater heights. >

Hoist Liftruck Mfg., Inc.
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