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Parameterizable transducer UFA in IP65 aluminium housing for use with vane wheel flow sensors FA and FA Di for measuring flow rate and flow velocity UFA with probe ZS and measuring tube FA Di Properties • for measuring flow velocity and flow rate • flexible use via PC interface for modification of calibration and parameter data • potential-free quantity pulse, limit value output or '±direction' output • easy to read, optional LCD with • compatible for all Höntzsch probes FA and measuring tubes instantaneous value, quantity FA Di with and without ±direction counter und error code sensing • permanent self-diagnosis Model designation (example) UFA 4-20 mA (1) (2) • conversion from actual to standard flow velocity or flow rate • robust IP65 aluminium housing • highly reliable even in extreme industrial application conditions Basic types Type '4-20 mA'

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(1) Transducer type UFA input flow v/FA or v/FAR (2) Outputs analog output v, flow velocity/flow rate * for FAR sensors when parameterizing the relay (see under): ±direction of flow output either limit value or quantity pulse or ±direction of flow (with selection '±direction of flow' for FAR sensors: analog output (see above) proportional of sum, unsigned) self-diagnosis according to NAMUR NE43 (3) Power supply mains supply (4) Housing aluminium housing AS102 for Höntzsch vane wheel flow sensors FA and FAR without and with ±directional sensing, as probe (ZS, TS ..., ZSR, TSR ...) and as measuring...

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Parameter setting parameter as per parameter set no. 00100 analog output, time constant, profile factor, tube inside diameter, linearization of characteristics (sensor type / medium or pairs of variates), limit value or quantity pulse or ±direction of flow, quality rating quantity pulse, switching actual/standard flow with setting parameters 'actual pressure' and 'actual temperature' setting parameter with PC software UCOM and PC connecting cable (see Accessories) alterable Accessories (optional) LCD in top cover wiring diagram UFA in aluminium housing AS102 Description 1st row: 'instantaneous...

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