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HIOKI POWER QUALITY ANALYZER PW3198 Power Measuring Instruments H Record and Anahze Power Supply Problems Simultaneously with a Single Voit The New World Standard for Power Quality Analysis ; Never Miss the Moment ■ Detect pcwer supply probtenis and perorm oisrte troubleshoolng » Do prwentive mafitenance o avert accidents by manegrg tfte pxwer Qtairt> CATIV-600V Safety Standard ﯕ Meets the CAT W safety rating required to check an inooming power Ine  Safe enough to rroasure up to 6գ>0OVpeak of translent overvoftage \ms\Setup Function with PRESETS Just selecl the measurement course, wiring,andclamps Օ Automatic one-step setup based on measurement conditions Compliant with New International Standards » lntemsOml [w guatty ireaaiBment standard IEC 6KXXM-30 Editai 2 Cfcss A  Hlgh predsiwi with a basic vottage measurement accuracy of 0.1% ISO 9001 1SO14001

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    The number of power supply probiems i$ increasing as power Systems are becoming more and more compltcated -ail due to the rising use ot power electronics...
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    Advanced Features for Safe, Simple, and Accurate Measurements 1 International Standard IEC61000-4-30Edition 2 Class A 2 CAT IV-600V Safety Class A ts deflned...
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    PW3198 Never Misses the Moment a Power Supply Failure Occurs The PW3198 can measure ail wavetorms ot power, harmonie, and error ©vents simultaneousty...
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    TIME PLOT DataBTEvent Waveforms Simultaneous RecordingofI TIME PLOT Data TIME PLOT Recording of AH Parameters The PW3198 can snultaneously record 8.000...
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    6 Analyze Recorded Data with a PC Using Application Software 9624-50 PQA-HiVIEW PRO Use Model 9624-50 PQA-HiVIEW PRO (version 2.00 or later) with a PC...
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