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Semray ® The UV LED Plug & Play Revolution. Complexity made simple.

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The simple things are working best. That’s why we made things simple for you. Semray® is the easy-to-use UV plug & play revolution – and the smart solution for your production chain. Semray® provides smart answers to all your challenges. The first challenge: Productivity Conventional UV LED systems are fixed in place and bolted together, which means the entire system has to be removed when a fault occurs or maintenance has to be carried out. That costs time and money and makes service work difficult. Our answer: Plug & play Semray® makes things much easier. Thanks to its revolutionary plug...

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3 The third challenge: Retrofitting 4 The fourth challenge: Flexibility The market for UV LED chips is growing rapidly. This means that new, more powerful chips are being launched all the time – including new wavelengths. The chips in conventional LED lamps are permanently integrated and, when they reach the end of their service life or break down, the entire lamp has to be replaced. The applications for UV LED systems are many and varied and therefore require systems in different widths and with different working distances. The consequences of that are far-reaching, as users have...

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5 The fifth challenge: Performance How do you develop a system that can consistently withstand the tough conditions of day-to-day production? And how do you ensure that system performs over and above expectations day after day? UV-LED-technology is very complex. The performance and service life of the UV LED system are largely dependent on cooling and how the chips are connected to the cooling element. Our answer: Quality Semray® achieves extraordinary performance thanks to a combination of highly advanced materials, cutting-edge design and unrivaled technological know-how. This outstanding...

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Semray ®. Complexity made simple. ONE UV LED segment. ONE backplane. ONE data cable. ONE power cable. Independent of the width. The smart lamps comprise ONE UV LED segment (or more, as required) mounted on ONE backplane per curing width connected by only ONE data cable and ONE power cable per backplane. The benefits at a glance Productivity Increase uptime thanks to plug & play concept and global technical support Output Reliable and maximized UV energy with minimum stray light for different wavelengths Retrofitting Stay up-to-date with the latest technology thanks to replaceable LED...

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We make light productive! X-RAYS    ULTRAVIOLET    VISIBLE LIGHT    INFRARED Heraeus Noblelight is the top global name in photonics-based products and solutions from UV to infrared. We offer sophisticated and dependable lighting systems that are developed for specific customer applications. Benefit from major productivity gains, product improvements and optimized energy use in industrial, scientific and medical applications. We work closely with plant manufacturers and end-customers to develop customized solutions for industrial processes. In 1904, the invention of the mercury vapor quartz...

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