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Optical Fiber, Coloring, Ribbon, And Cable

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Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV Inc. UV Curing Systems For Optical Fiber, Coloring, Ribbon, And Cable DRF Light Shield Assembly F10T2 The F10T2 is a variation of the standard F10T light shield and houses the secondary elliptical reflector. When attached, the optics of a full elliptical system are achieved. The electrodeless bulb is located at the primary focus (in the irradiator), and the product runs through the secondary focus (in the FI 0T2) as shown in TechNotes Bulletin SB 619. • A fixed skirt provides additional light shielding and end fittings for the quartz tube, which remains in place when the F10T2 is detached. • A10" quartz tube may easily be removed from the front. • The fixed quartz tube allows observation of the product in place condition of quartz tube, and reflector. Please refer to Fusion UV TechNotes SB 619 As a result of the acquisition of Fusion UV by Heraeus Noblelight, the name of the company changed from Fusion UV Systems Inc. to Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV Inc. Heraeus Noblelight GmbH Ismaning, Germany TEL: +49 89 899631-0 FAX: +49 89 899631-10 www.fusionuv.de e-mail: hng-uv@heraeus.com Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV Inc. Corporate Headquarters 910 Clopper Road Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878-1357 USA TEL: +1 301-527-2660 FAX: +1 301-527-2661 TEL: +1 888-276-8600 (North American Toll Free) www.fusionuv.com e-mail: info.hnfn@heraeus.com Heraeus Noblelight Fusion UV Inc. West Torrance, California TEL: +1 310-370-9920 FAX: +1 310-370-9152 • U.S. Patent No. 5471109; 5726815; 5838114; 6223453; 6509656; 6646384B2; 6690112B2; 6740892B2; 6908586B2; 7037460B2; 7055990B2 Other U.S. and Foreign Patents Pending. We reserve the right to incorporate changes and improvements without notice. 04/13 Printed in USA SB 630 ©2013 Fusion UV.

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