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MAX - Infrared Heating Plus

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MAX - Infrared Heating PlusHomogenous and Efficient Infrared Heating Technology The MAX oven concept is a solution for heating processes which combines infrared radiation with convection and optimized reflection. Quartz glass materials including QRC nanoreflectors are used exclusively in the inside of the oven, providing: • High purity for sensitive products • Resistance to thermal shock during fast heating processes • Best possible optical properties • Excellent mechanical stability, even at very high temperatures • Can be easily worked and shaped to allow flexible oven dimensions • Very good homogeneity of the temperature field because of the diffuse reflection As a result, rapid heating processes at high power can be carried out in a compact unit. From the Simulation to the Finished Solution The size of the oven can be matched to product and process. A computerized simulation at the design phase ensures that the heating process is especially efficient. A MAX oven will achieve a maximum product temperature of 900°C in less than 10 minutes and can be cooled down in less than 10 minutes. This permits rapid change over of products to be heated. The MAX oven can be used for both in-line continuous and batch operation. MAX - custom-built for optimum customer benefit MAX ovens make heating processes more stable, providing for increased capacity and improved quality. This provides savings in time, space and energy.

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The MAX Oven – Applications • Burning in of decorative paints onto glass or ceramics • Shaping and forming of sheet metal or metal bodies • Shaping and forming of plastic tubes • Coating of wires • Heating of highly reflective metals • Recrystallisation of metal wires • Enamelling The MAX Oven – Especially Energy-Efficient Tests show that the maximum emitter temperature for an oven with a heated length of 700mm and a chamber cross section of 150x150mm is achieved in less than one minute. Because of the exceptional energy efficiency, a holding power of around 3kW is all that is required to...

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